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    Multiple Distinct Looks in my component

    I want to create a custom component that will allow the user to choose from several distinct "looks" at design-time. It is actually a customized e-mail component that I would like the user to be able to choose from "looks" that resemble several of the most widely used e-mail applications...
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    E-Mail Component

    I am designing a custom e-mail interface for an application I am developing. On my To, Cc, and Bcc recipient textboxes, I would like them to function like Outlook Express. That is, my application adds e-mail addresses until the end of the textbox(es), automatically generates a new line in the...
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    Calendar Control

    Hi, I am creating a program that will contain a calendar within it. I have added the Calendar 10.0 control to my Toolbox. I then placed the control onto the form. I then opened the control's code editor, but I cannot figure out how to extend the functionality of the conrol so that the user...
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