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  1. d2005

    can this be done

    i have two functions aPublic Sub refereshparent() Dim NewScript As String NewScript = "<script language=JavaScript>" NewScript = NewScript + "window.parent.location.href = window.parent.location.href;" NewScript = NewScript + "</script" + ">" If (Not IsClientScriptBlockRegistered("test")) Then...
  2. d2005

    play wav file over the internet

    hi i have a wav file that plays if a certain condition is true this works fine (on local host )and the wav file is located in my c: when the app is viewed over the web however the wav file does not play am i missing some settings here
  3. d2005

    please help

    loop of if statement i want to make a beep every time the row count on my datagrid is incremented i can count the rows as an integer no problem but i cant seem to work out how to keep this value and check if it has been incremented on page load and if it has then beep() anyone can help me...
  4. d2005

    refresh parent from child

    refresh parent from child RESOLVED hi i have a child frame containg a datagrid this passes values to textboxes in the parent form the changes do not take effect until i refresh my parent form can i pass these values and refresh the parent form i want to force a refresh on the parent form...
  5. d2005

    make datagrid real time

    i wish to make my datagrid on webform real time i want to refresh and update the datagrid only, ( not the whole page) as the user works with the datagrid my datagrid is to relay messages to certain users using a select statment to the databse this is why i want it to be in real time as...
  6. d2005

    The server rejected one or more recipient addresses

    anyone know how to set up my smtp server for sending the mail all of the emails are ending up in the badmail directory and not sending out when i do get no errors my computer thinks im a spammer
  7. d2005

    server_name, server_port

    anybody know the keywords for server_name and sevver_port i dont think they are no longer acceptable in
  8. d2005

    dynamically build table from code

    dynamically build table from code i have old asp vb script code, it seems that this code dynamically generates a table in <table> from array values, is it possible to do this in the codebenind file of the webform is it particularly complicated ( because it looks it) __________________ yeah im...
  9. d2005

    problem declaring array

    Dim arrOptFields, i, strError arrOptFields = Array("PWD", "MSISDN", "TXT", "UD", "UDH", "OADC", "REF", "TCL", "VAL", "IPCLIENT", "CAT", "SSID", "SC", "FLAGS") array is a type and cannot be used as an expression wots the story here
  10. d2005

    recieve sms from gateway

    today im going to try and recieve sms from a gateway and for my next trick, its using in asp web application if any one can help me to do this it would be much appreciated thanks im here all day
  11. d2005

    logged, whos logged, cant log

    hows it going. how do you set up that if a user is logged in noone else can log in using the same login details. i was thinking of putting a 0/1 filed in the database and then if logged in you cant login again. any one any sample codes to view whos logged in for an admin page how would you...
  12. d2005

    is anyone willing to help me with session

    using the session thats created need to understand how to create and use the session i have a login and all working but i dont know how to work with it let me know if ye want something to do and guide me through it :)
  13. d2005

    current user, databind

    Cmon now take a wee look, update command i want the textbox to display to the current user, (who has logged in using username and password ) visual basic code: Dim cmdselect As SqlCommand cmdselect = New SqlCommand("SELECT msg_default from tb_comp_detail ", oSQLConn) txtDefault.Text =...
  14. d2005

    why is this email not sending

    setting up the email to send email when a button is clicked check it out, no errors but no email either Private Sub CompRegConfirmation() Dim msg As New MailMessage msg.From = "localhost" msg.To = "" msg.Subject = " Company registered" msg.Body = txtUsername.Text...
  15. d2005

    view page [RESOLVED]

    hi i set up a login but using webconfig vorfm and a validate function now though you must log in to see any webform is there any way to set certain webforms to allow * thanks IF ANY ONE WAS WONDERING , u put this in the bottom of your webconfig file, just between system and config...
  16. d2005

    the connection string property has not been initialized

    the connection string property has not been initialized in one of my classes i have a private function, which sets connection other public shared functions call this connection when i try to call the public shared functions say to my form code i get that error any one ever had that before
  17. d2005

    Urgent please help

    Basically im trying to call a function i have no clue how to get it all tied together. i have a fromnameDB.vb class with this code Public Shared Function adduser(ByVal users As users) Dim oSQlconn As SqlConnection = Connection() Dim cmdUser As New SqlCommand cmdUser.Connection = oSQlconn...
  18. d2005

    send email from webform

    i have a webform with the txtboxes txtName txtFrom txtTo txtCc txtComments i have the following code. any help at all would be greatly appreciated i have a few errors so as i cannot run it the errors shall be in red below Public Class WebForm1 Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Private Sub...
  19. d2005

    update datagrid variables which is which

    trying to put in update cod for a datagrid the lines im mstuck on are below. Dim r As dscompmsg.0 r = dsCompMsg.0.FindByCategoryID(key) ' Updates the dataset table. r.msg_1 = msg_1 r.msg_2 = msg_2 but im wondering which variables are needed. Private dsCompMsg As New...
  20. d2005

    create a login

    i am trying to create a login, this may be very basic to most but any help would be appreciated, dont worry my book is in the post. is this gettin there, any further steps needed. Imports System Imports Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System.Web.Security ' |||||...
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