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  1. Cricket

    Strange Behaviour

    I've written a sub that refreshes the contents of a ComboBox when you select an item from another ComboBox. It kinda works perfect, every second time however it doesn't work! This makes no sense since it calls the exact same sub. Now here is the strange part. If I comment out the Clear method...
  2. Cricket

    Refresh a DataTable?

    I'm wondering if there is a build in way to refresh a DataTable? Currently I just delete the table from the DataSet and then using the DataAdapter Fill the DataTable again. But I was hoping there was a built in method for doing this.
  3. Cricket

    How to create a copy of a row?

    I've created a Sub that uses a row passed to it to add it to another table. However when I try and add the row to the other table I recieve an error stating that this row already belongs to another table. Well of course it does, I want a copy of it in this new table!!!!! How do I get a copy...
  4. Cricket

    (CheckedListBox) Is it checked?

    I'm looping through a CheckedListBox and want to do one thing if it's checked and another if it's not checked. There isn't a Checked property so I can't tell. I realize that there is a CheckedItem collection, but I need to loop through the whole CheckedListBox not just the checked items. So...
  5. Cricket

    CheckedListBox Question

    I have a CheckedListBox control on a TabPage and it's DataSource populates it with Rows. However after selecting items and then clicking on another TabPage it clears everything! Now when I go back it appears like I didn't check anything. Has anyone come up with a work-around for this?
  6. Cricket

    DateTimePicker Question

    I'm trying to make the DateTimePicker control display a blank (""). However it thinks it always needs to display a date. Anyone know how to do this?
  7. Cricket

    CheckBox Binding Issue

    I keep getting this error when I try to add a new row to a DataSet. "Additional information: DataBinding could not find a row in the list that is suitable for all bindings" The particular error is being caused by bound CheckBoxes. I'm sure because if I comment them out everything works fine...
  8. Cricket

    Can you run a SQL script on a DataSet?

    I'm curious if you can execute a SQL script against a disconnected DataSet? For example; UPDATE tblFeature SET [Name]='New' WHERE uid=4 This would then update the DataSet so that when I execute the Update method on a DataAdapter it would update the database appropriately. Currently I...
  9. Cricket

    Having problems deleting rows

    I'm deleting rows from a table that has two foriegn keys (and that's it). However when I call the DataAdapter Update method it gives me the following error; "No value given for one or more required parameters." My guess is that the DataAdapter has problems deleting from a table without a...
  10. Cricket

    How to access deleted row information?

    I'm trying to loop through deleted rows in a DataTable but it gives me the following error "Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row." How do you read the information from a row if it's RowState has been changed to Deleted? Here is the code. Dim dt As...
  11. Cricket

    ListBox Strange Behaviour

    I'm curious to know if anyone else has had problems with ListBoxes? I've set the DataSource of a bunch of ListBoxes to their respective DataTables. When I change the Position in the CurrencyManager it then calls the ClearSelected() method and loops through the ListItems to reselect the...
  12. Cricket

    CheckedListBox Question

    I've created a CheckedListBox and want to call a sub when someone checks an item. On the ItemCheck event I call the sub. However I need to know whether the item is checked or unchecked. However this event occurs before the item stores the value of checked or unchecked. What event is after...
  13. Cricket

    Unexplained Behaviour

    I'm creating a form that has a number of dropdown lists that relate to different tables. I have a strange problem that I can't seem to figure out. I can create a list of customers, and a list of standard features. But for some reason after I create the list of standard features the displayed...
  14. Cricket

    UID field for a new record

    Since the database has an autonumber for the UID I'm having problems adding new records into a Access database. How do I do this with an DataAdapter? I realize in SQL Server you can create a Stored Procedure, but this option isn't available to Access databases. Love to here some examples or...
  15. Cricket

    DataTable SortOrder

    How do you re-sort a DataTable after you have added a new row?
  16. Cricket

    DataSet RowState Property

    The RowState property doesn't change to modified until you move off of the row even though I have modified the values within the row through bound controls. The DataAdapter Update method doesn't see the changes and doesn't update the database. How do you inform the DataSet that the row has...
  17. Cricket

    Application Development Question

    I'm new to VB.NET. I have plenty of experience with VB 6, however I've come to realize this now means that I'm actually worse off =(. I've read about 10 books on VB.NET and have only found simplistic examples that don't really work in real life applications. For example; the way the books...
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