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    Problem with refresh page.

    hi, i have found some problem with refresh my textbox. i have 4 textbox, that is textbox1,textbox2, textbox3, textbox4. then when user enter value in one of the textbox, it will sum all the value , then display in textbox5. my problem is when user enter a value in textbox1, the page have to...
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    form opening problem

    i found that, my computer usage memory alway increase when i open new form. Program: visual studio 2003( opening form coding : Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim form2 As New Form2...
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    Auto fix the datagrid column width

    hi, i face some datagrid problem. How to make the datagrid automatic fix the column width by according to our data length? which mean that my data length is large then the column width is small. So it cant show all of my data in the datagrid. How can i fix the column width by automatic? Thank...
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    I have face some cdo.message(fail to connect to the server) in my email system. Do any one have experience on it, please help me. thank you.
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    How to release my memory after SQL server process

    hi, i found my sql take a lot of my memory after import data from excel file. how can i release back my memory? please help me.
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    Crystal report in

    hi, i would like to create a report by using crsytal report in the but my table have too many table field, i cant show all the table field in the same page. So i would like to let user select the table field to show in the report when user want to view the report. but i cant find the...
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    Adding New table field in the table

    Hi, everyone. How can i add new table field in the table by using coding? i am using SQL server 2000. i would like to add new table field in the table without open SQL Server 2000. Normally we open SQL server 2000 to add new table and table field, but now i would like to create new table field...
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    CheckedListBox data bind and mulitiple selection

    hi, i have 2 problem in checklistbox. i hope someone can guide me about the checklistbox. 1st problem how to link the checkedlistbox with my database table? 2nd problem i try to do mulitiple selection. i have one textbox and one checkedlistbox. checkedlistbox will check the value when the...
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    calling DLL file by using

    hi, i have some problem to calling the dll file. my dll file name is (dll.dll) my lib file name is (dll.lib). i need to call the dll function into my program. Thank you best regards, alvin
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    Convert wave file to Mp3 file

    Hi, how can i convert from wave file to mp3 file? Do some one know about the way to solve it. thank you very much. best regards, alvin
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    how to save the data into empty field?

    hi, i am face some excel problem. everytime i save my data in excel, it will alway replace old field. it cant save in the new field. how can i save in the empty field only? Thank you very much Best Regards, Alvin
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    Writing and Reading From Excel file by using

    Hi, i have some problem with writing data and reading data from Excel file. Do someone know how can i write the data into excel file and reading the data from excel file. i hope someone can provide more detail on excel file programming, because i dont hv experience on excel programming. i will...
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    Create Sound Recorder

    Hi, Do someone know how to create sound recorder by using i try to using window media player 10 to record sound, but it failed to record sound. thank you very much. Best Regards, Alvin
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    Shell function problem.

    hi, how can i use shell function to call batch command file by using Shell("C:\Batch Command\Inquery_N_ Pair.bat", vbNormalFocus) Above of my code cant run successful. Do someone help me to solve this problem? thank you very much. Best Regrads, Alvin.
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    Bar code creator

    Hi, i need some help about to create a bar code by using How to write barcode creator program? which component or module should i use it to create the bar code? Please help me! Your reply will be very appreciate. thank you very much. Best Regards, Alvin
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    comparison the data between access table

    hi, i need to using vb6 to write the program. i have 2 table (tablename = dnentry and salesItem) dnentry table field = (docNo,proNo , packNo, Qty , address) red color is primary key salesItem table field =( INV,ProductNo,PackNo , price , dateEntry) docNo = INV , ProductNo = proNo , packNo...
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    How to Send a control message through GPIB to the audio analyser(VP7723A)

    Hi, i am face some problem about linking and sending the control message to the device through GPIB. my device is audio analyser(VP7723A). I hope that some body can give some guideline or reference about GPIB. Thank you very much.
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    How to capture the application device data through USB port

    hi, I hv one project hv to get data from MP3 player or any electronic data through USB port to my program. I hope that can get any help from the person who hv this experience. thank you so much.
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