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    Question DirectX problem when saving projects

    Today I was looking into DirectX with VB.NET, and I installed the SDK etc. But when I were trying to add a reference to the Direct3D and other, it did not appear in the list, although I did solve this by adding them manually according to a guide I found. Anyway, I followed a tutorial from the...
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    Question Second login window

    Okay, I need a little help regarding my program, and FYI, I haven't started writing the code yet, so you don't have to make it according to any special controls or anything. Anyway, what I'm trying to do is that after the user of the computer logs in to a windows-account called for example...
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    Question Find Specific Text In Text File

    Hi! I have a little question about txt-files...This is the case: I am going to make a small software for editing particular parts in text files, so you don't have to do it by hand. In this program, i need to find several words in a text file and retrieve the text or number that is after the...
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    Create Several Gif And Then Move All

    Hi Everybody! I'm making a small game, where you move your character and collect coins. Now, i've reached to the very last part where i add my coins... I have a timer to define the positions and create a coin-image on that position... And when the timer ticks again, the last image disappears...
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    Trackbar Help

    Hi everybody! I would like to know how you make the minimum value of a vertical trackbar, be on the top?
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    Question Coordinates for 2D game

    Hi! I'm making a 2D game where i need a coordinate system to move the player, and i have no idea how to do it. The system needs this requirements: 1. clickable coordinates, so when i click a coordinate, i will have a picture move to that specific coordinate. 2. Different images for different...
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