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  1. Tarik

    How to delete child node of a treeview

    Delete Selected Node If You Have Selected The Node You Can Use The Following Line To Delete Selected Node MyTreeView.SelectedNode.Remove() 'Remove Selected Node MyTreeView.Refresh() ' Update TreeView Display
  2. Tarik

    Inserting lot of data - Best practice

    SQLBulkCopy Class .NET 2.0 Introduces New Class Called SQLBulkCopy Which Act like The BCP Command SQLBulkCopy Class VB.NET Code For Using SQLBulkCopyClass To Transfer Data
  3. Tarik

    Accessing raw SQL?

    Please Check The Following Links: TableAdapter SelectCommand How to get the Select statement for a TableAdapter at runtime? I think You Would See The First Link Is More Useful
  4. Tarik

    MSDE tutorials

    Nice Article About Installing MSDE You can download Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) Release A Also you can get FREE MSDE Query Tool to work on
  5. Tarik

    Msde Deployment Toolkit

    my first experience distributing the new-built sql db onto client machine
  6. Tarik

    Backing Up Stored Procedures

    Ok i do recommend as i do always in my work to write the stored procedures in external script files so you can reuse them later in your case for now you can right click on the selected DB ----> All Tasks ---> Generate Scripts ---> From General tabl mark on Stored Procedures the rest should be easy
  7. Tarik

    my first experience distributing the new-built sql db onto client machine?

    Embedding MSDE 2000 Setup into the Setup of Custom Applications Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) Deployment Toolkit (Sample Application) Deploying MSDE with VB .net Another Way is to restore database backup through simple batch you can make or by running the Generated DB...
  8. Tarik

    get the last 14 days

    ;)you can use the previous code in SP or UDF and pass the date_posted as a parameter
  9. Tarik

    get the last 14 days

    why Dateadd is better than using Datediff ?
  10. Tarik

    get the last 14 days

    it should be something like that select * from MyTable where date_posted >= GETDATE() AND datediff(day,date_posted,GETDATE())= 14 go
  11. Tarik

    SQL Server does not exist or access denied

    what is the type of authentication do you use in your connection string and what is the authentication type yu have assigned in MS SQL Server?
  12. Tarik

    Deploying MSDE database with

    My Answer Is Quoted From MCAD/MCSD Book Ok so you need both MDF & LDF Files and in some cases you may need NDF File
  13. Tarik

    table merging

    Suppose you have table1 and table2 and you want to move column mdate from table1 into table2 in the field called mdate2 Insert into table2(mdate2) select mdate from table1
  14. Tarik

    Third Party Tools for SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine

    Look at this How do I manage SQL Server / MSDE?
  15. Tarik

    Backup and Restore

    Ok Just check this Link Simple Backup/Restore Utility With SQL-DMO Using VB.NET
  16. Tarik

    Msde Security During Auto Install In Business Cd

    i think your best solution is to use encryption and decrypt it from your application , whatever any thing you are going to do with this database except encryption the DBA Or SA Should be able to get it
  17. Tarik

    save images to db

    First of all please choose and indicated topic namd the next time second you can use field of data type Image here is a stored procedure sample for that CREATE PROCEDURE InsertImgData @ImgID as int,--image id @ImgType as nvarchar(50),--String holds the image type @MyIMG AS image --the image...
  18. Tarik

    Parsing a XML file

    I Recommend To Read Chapter 3 "Parsing XML Documents" From The Book "XML Programming" From MS Press
  19. Tarik

    Getting all SQL Servers on the network

    Here is a simple example i have made from long time Using The SQL DMO After Refernce The SQL DMO Library You can use the following code to fill ListBox1 With All SQL Servers Found FIRST The Imports Section Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices Imports SQLDMO Then The Actual Code Dim...
  20. Tarik

    How to exclude rows from a search?

    Ok i do not have MS SQL Server in front of me now to try this code but try it and the null values will indicate the student who did not atend the Questionaire Select S.pkStudentID , Q.pkResultID From Students S FULL OUTER JOIN QuestionaireResults Q On S.pkStudentID = Q.fkStudentID This is...
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