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    too many connections

    When is use the and connection.close() After about 100 times, errors come up: Any idea what causes this or how can I work around it? source code So basically, if someone updates around 100 records this way, the program crashes. This also happens if I had to read 100...
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    Database update - please help

    Ive spent many days just googling source code ad help. But nothing seems to work. Im using .net 1.1 with 2003 This is the error I get when updating the database: Additional information: No error information available: E_FAIL(0x80004005). Actualy the source code is taken from another...
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    updating database

    I have been searching and reading many examples of how to do this. Best method I found was, mydataadapter.update(dataset) But this does not go to the database, if I close the app and open it again, the updated information is not in the database. Im using a mysql database and I have to code...
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    too many connections on update?

    Im using a combobox to view the the primary key from a mysql database. Upon combox selected index change, the text boxes get the new info for that specific primary key. My problem is, when I scroll the combobox with the keyboard, by just holding down the down or up arrow keys, after I scroll...
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    Combobox and Textbox data binding

    Hi Can anyone help me with using a combobox and textbox for showing data from a mysql database. I mostly found examples using the datagrid and cannont find any help on using textboxes. Please assist. I am using myodbc or you recommend another connecter? Regards Nolan
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