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    DataAdapter Force Close

    Wonder if anyone can help me close a DataAdapter? After closing the adapter and destroying all the objects associated my .NET application retains an open handle to the database folder "dbDir" containing the dbf files. I used Sysinternals ProcessExplorer and the folder handles get created on the...
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    Drive Mapping

    Can someone point me in the direction of how to map a directory on the server based on the username of the windows user. Basically if "joe" logs in I need to check the server to see if a folder for called "joe" exists > if not create it > then map that directory as his U drive. I looked into...
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    Next/Last Autonumber in Access

    I use to use something like this... Set RS = Conn.Execute("Select @@Identity") jglobe
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    I was thinking unmanaged c++
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    C++ equivalent Do you folks know what the C++ equivalent is for Decimal?
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    Im trying to store -87.872449938533194 into a double array but turns into -87.8724499385332 This does not... -87.872449938533191 If I type -87.872449938533194 in the VS IDE it automatically turns it into -87.87244993853332 any help would be appreciated.
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    Carriage returns when creating a view in VB.Net

    Did you try vbNewLine (It might be the same)... I would also recommend using the System.Text.Stringbuilder class to create your command (more efficient)... Ex. Dim nView as new system.text.stringbuilder nView.append("CREATE OR RECPLACE VIEW" & vbnewline) ... ... nView.append("AND...
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    Changing the Query for an MS Access Report Programatically

    Here is some vb6 I use using Access Automation (It should be easy to convert)... This will create a report and make a snapshot file which I then call a shell execute on... On Error GoTo ErrHandler 'The following segment of code is using Microsoft Access directly 'and the...
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    Drawing functions ? [Solved - Thank you ]

    If you are simply talking about squares and rectangles you can use a Region and an intersecting GraphicsPath and call the Exclude method. You can then calculate the area based on the RectangleF array returned from the GetRegionScans method. It would be nice to return a resultant PointF array...
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    basic code stuff

    Try this... ListBox1.Width = New System.Web.UI.WebControls.Unit(100, System.Web.UI.WebControls.UnitType.Pixel) you can probably also just do... ListBox1.Width = New System.Web.UI.WebControls.Unit(100) I think the pixel is the default unittype jglobe
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    Convert Region to Graphicspath

    Anyone know how to retrieve a graphicspath or point array from a Region. Basically I am after the result set after the Exclude method is called. thanks
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    Working with bitarray

    Hi all, I am a novice when working with binary data and wondered if some of you experts could help. I have a byte array of which contain integers. The 8th bit of the first byte is a control bit which tells me if the integer continues into the next byte and the 7th bit is a sign bit. Bits...
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