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    Access Keys in Tab Control

    Hi all, my windows form uses a tab control with two tabs, I'd like to add access keys to each of the tabs. In VB I'd use an '&' to assign an access key (e.g. U&ser Login will become User Login) however the same doesn't work in VB.NET... it simply shows the & on the interface too.. is it quite...
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    Minimize to tray problem

    Thanks for ur help, I had a look at your example and i don't get how come ur app doens't terminate when you're hiding the main form (unlike my one..=/ ).. maybe it's because my form is called from a module.... don't know.. I've sorta solved the problem by replacing the...
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    Minimize to tray problem

    in my application a module calls a form load statement to display a form with something like myform.definstance.showdialog(), then the codes in the myform_load sub-routine loads and the form become visible. i want it so that user can click on the 'minimize to tray' button on the form and the...
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    after upgrade : form doesn't show up

    Hey all, I'm a newbie in so thanks in advance for any help given :) I've been having trouble after using the upgrade wizard to convert a program from vb6, the program itself it not small, but to cut it short, I'm having trouble to make a form to show up after being called from a...
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