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    Data Grid

    Hi all, I have managed to display records in data grid when the form is loaded. It is readble only. Now I want to edit n update the records in the data grid. how do I go about it? pls guide me:confused: thanks, jpdbay
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    Too many arguments to 'Public Sub New()'

    Hi all, I'm getting the mentioned error when I copy paste a piece of code where I add a new button in a form. It works fine with all other buttons in the form. The code is: Private Sub cmdManualBucketAddition_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles...
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    Too many arguments to 'Public Sub New'

    Dear all, I'm getting the above error when I added a new button in my form. I copy paste the same code like other button to load the form. Unfortunately, it is throwing the error. The code is: The error is pointing to m_HeadId but it doesn't throw any error for other button. The error is no...
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    Inherited Control

    Hi folks, I'm working on an existing proj which required me to add a new form to add new functionality. The problem is I want use few inherited controls (with downward arrow-see picture) which are in the other form. I tried to add Inherited form but it is throwing error. I also tried to add new...
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    VB .NET & Visual Source Safe

    Hi! Could anyone guide me on how to integrate Visual Source Safe and project. Thanks jpdbay
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    ActiveX Control in VB.NET

    hi all, How to create ActiveX in can I call DLL function from using ActiveX? Could any1 correct me if my statement is wrong n give me a guideline?:confused: rgds, jpdbay
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    How save n retrieve picture in a application directory?

    hi, 1. How do save a picture to application directory in a folder named "Picture" with ID number (eg. 0000001.jpg)? 2. How to read and populate the picture from the directory to PictureBox? Currently I'm saving the picture in C:\ obj.GetPicture("c:\test1.bmp")...
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    Local Database

    Hi All, I'm developing a centralised system using MS SQL Server 2000. I want my system running on local database if the main server is down. 1. How do I detect the connection to main server is fail and switch to local database(using MS SQL Server 2000 as well)? 2. How do I update the server...
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    How to create help file

    hi all, I hv created an user manual document in .doc format. I want to use this user manual doc when I click Help menu in my application. can anyone plz help me on this matter with sample code n explain the making process of help file?:confused: Thank u in advance. Rgds, jpdbay
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    How to display date and calculate age

    Hi, I'm capturing date of birth in DateTimePicker ("MM/DD/YYYY" format). 1. How do I display the date into "MM/DD/YYYY"? 2. How do I calculate age from the DateTimePicker using "MM/DD/YYYY" format? Anyone, with ideas or code of sample will be much appreciated. Thanx Rgds, jpdbay
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    Double click list view

    Dear all, I hv a search form which loads search results when I click search button. Take note that the search form is used by all child forms in MDI application to display the results. The problem is when I double click a row in list view, I want the results to be populated in in the...
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    Detect Local Database

    Hi, How do I detect local db if the server db connection fail due to network failure. How do I use local db connection for my app. Plz help me and code eg wud b really appreciated. Thnx for any kind of help. jpdbay
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    Cannot Display record in mdi toolbar - Help!!!

    hi, I'm trying to fetch and display records in MDI toolbar. The step are as follows: 1. Enter a number in textbox in MDI toolbar. 2. Upon keypress, display records in MDI toolbar's textbox and labels I f tried many times but failed. Plz help me, I'm newbie in n correct if I'm wrong...
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    Unhandled Exception

    hi! I'm getting this msg: An unhandled exception of type 'System.NullReference Exception' occured. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Can any1 explain why am I getting this message? I created an object of DLL reference to access methods in the COM DLL. Code snippet: Dim...
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    Exception message

    Hi buddies, I'm working on a MDI application. I'm gettting this exception message "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation". It appears when I try to call a function or procedure in child form which is active using toolbar button. Below is the code in MDI frorm: Private Sub...
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    Calling VB6 DLL Using VB7

    Dear members, Would any1 has the idea or example to call or use VB6 DLL functions? I tried to register(regsvr32) the DLLs but access is denied. I can't reference in VB7. Any example code or readings? Please guide me:confused:. Thanking in advance. Rgds, jpdbay
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    Search Utility Form

    Dear all, I developed a MDI application and designed a search utility form to display search results dynamically which will be used as common search utility form. I used list view control to display result. The problem is I dont know how to pass the SQL query (sSQL) which is build in search...
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