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    Popup notice window if duedate is within 48hrs

    or If Now> DueDate.AddHours(-48) then End If
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    IS WPF another Windows Form?

    There is a lot more to WPF than meets the eye, so to speak. WPF vs Windows Forms Tales from a Trading Desk
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    WPF Icon System.Drawing.Icon

    Why don't you keep the icon in a directory below that of the application, and use nIcon.Icon = New Icon("/Icons/myIcon.ico")
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    Question DataGrid with many rows -> Application freezes

    Why don't you databind the Datagridview to your collection, and just update the collection? Let winforms worry about refreshing the UI.
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    Question Serial Ports

    Danerd100 You should really check out Pos for .Net from microsoft. It takes away a lot of the headache of interacting with POS peripherals.
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    Log In To Gmail

    If you're trying to access your email, what's wrong with POP or IMAP?
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    Question toggle button color

    TIP: You also need to make some other difference visible between the Off / On states. I did the Red / Green thing, and then found that 4 of my users are red/green colourblind. Oh, and have you tried using a Checkbox with Appearance set to Button?
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    SqlConnection not connecting .. help

    You may want to post this in the database forum. Oh, and the problem is more than likely that the sa password is not blank.
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    VS 2005 vs. VS 2008

    Bear in mind that VS2008 can also be used to target the net framework 2.0, it does not force you to use a higher version.
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    Anyone able to install VS2005 onto Vista?

    Is it vista x86 or x64?
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    File Not Found error when file actually exists

    XP embedded runs the full framework, including v3.5 without issue.
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    Triangle movement

    2d or 3d? Winforms, GDI or WPF? Using DirectX?
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    Can anyone get me some images?

    what access code?
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    Code executes after deleting it

    How are you launching? F5?
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    Code executes after deleting it

    delete your bin folder, this will force your 'exe's to be recreated.
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    Answers to the Simple IQ Test

    Interesting, but is that intellIgence ;) or is it memory? I've tended to think along the lines of the ability to apply prior knowledge of one situation to another successfully.
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    Answers to the Simple IQ Test

    Touché my friend. :o:D
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    Answers to the Simple IQ Test

    This is the universal failing of IQ tests. But here is the ultimate question: What is intellegence?
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    faster running and more compatiblity in c, c++ than .net?

    I don't understand how that would work, because c# is managed.... Surely a chicken / egg scenario there?
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    Copy a dataset

    Alse, you should probably stay away from dataadapters etc, as you are in Net 2.0, I would recommend using TableAdapters. If you search the forum for 'cjard' he has some really helpful links in his signature, I think (IIRC) you should look at DW2.
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