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    Question getting added tables to show in existing data source

    I have a .accdb as a data source with numerous tables. I needed to add a table to the db and did not want to disturb all I had done in the data set designer with the data source. I went to the db in the bin/debug in hopes I could insert table and just have it then show in the data source...
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    Question A sorted Data Grid View column keeps original data row index

    I use the current data row index to feed info used in another SQL statement. I notice that if I sort the columns it maintains what was originally in that row. How do I get it to see the sorted state?
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    Question After Compiled, App can not find Access table

    App works fine and has several tables from one Access Data Base. After compiled i try to open and get an error that it can not locate the Access Data Table ( in a strange address that I did not specify). On creation i saved the DB in the output file. Any reading material on how to get this set...
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    Question Form re-Loads on closing

    I hit the "close" button that is auto generated on a form to close it and it does not close. I added a form closing event to see what was going on and it handles the closing event first and then goes back to the load event. Any ideas on where to look or what I might have inadvertently changed.
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    Question Data Adapter returns Invalid Update Command when it is generating it in Wizard -??

    I have been letting the wizard create the table adapters. After learning how to use the dataset designer to generate my fill criteria; I can not update using the table adapters update command. The latter I am sure has nothing to do with it. I have included the access tables in both the output...
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    Question Data Type Mismatch error

    Can not figure out why I get a "data type mismatch in criteria expression" when the criteria is a string and the access data base field is "Text". "Crew" is a field name in Access data base and it's data type is "Text". Private SubButton1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles...
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    Question Table with wizard connection updates only if no other table is being updated

    I have a DGV with wizard created connection, ds, and da. I have another DGV that is filled and managed with code. I make changes to the first and it updates. I make changes to both and only the second one will update. in a btn click event :[If dsGM.HasChanges Then...
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    Exposing a field value in a selected datagridview row

    I want to capture a two field values in a selected row which will be used in another query for another table. I can reveal the cell value of a cell clicked in "currentcell.value" but not the one beside it.
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    Access look up field not displayed in dataGridView

    Using Access Lookup Wizard I created a lookup list for a field. When I bind a dataGridView to it, and when I add a new row, the lookup list does not appear. Information says the listbox appears on query datasheets that contain the field. Any idea on how to get it to display in a dataGridView ?
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    2015 VS- installShield issue

    Loaded a project and selected File,New,Project-then cant seem to find Other Project Types to choose Setup and Deployment node so I can enable it. I am sure this is basic but can not seem to dial in on solution. thanks for any help.
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    How to update Query tables vs just tables

    From a DatagridView I can update back to an access table but I can not to a access query table. Update is not a member of that adapter. Anybody understand this?
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    Updating table from DataGrid

    using VS.2015 design screen and VB, i drop in a Data Grid and use the VS to add the dataSet, binding, and connection. All is good but i can not get the code correct to update changes back to data table. any simple techniques?
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    How best to start back after 5yr lapse

    Above medium proficiency using 2003 until stopped 5yrs ago. Self taught to create business solutions I could not get support for through company IT dept. I want to get started back using the latest versions-where do I start? How do I get latest versions- I had to purchase the 2003 version...
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