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    Need a search and display data tutorial.

    I am looking to start programming in VB 2005 and i need to find a tutorial that can show me how to search and display data from a relational database with multiple tables and multiple joins. Here is my project. I need to search for a JobNumber on a form and display the data that spans...
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    Is VB 2005 different from VB 2002 and 2003?

    I am learning VB.Net and have been following the code in Beginning VB.Net 2nd edition from Wrox press. I have a copy of vs 2005 and am getting errors when trying to test the Sql data base stuff in chapter 15 and 16. When i place the code as they state in the the code examples i get errors such...
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    Where can i find the new 3d style forms and buttons like Vista or Office XP?

    I am looking to delve into programming and have been learning VB.Net, However the standard issue buttons and forms are just that, standard. I am looking for the ability to program my forms so that they look modern and graphically appealing. Where can i find these icons and buttons to spice up...
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