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    Textbox Background

    Hi, how do i have a background image for a textbox? It seems like it is impossible to have that. Linus
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    Text Capturing Problem

    Hello, I am trying to check if the following of my codes are correct. If Data.StartsWith("<Send_All>") Then RemoveProtocol(Data) UpdateStatus(str & " ") For Each d In mcolClients objClient = d.Value objClient.Send(str & vbCrLf) Next End If These codes are extracted from part of my...
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    Chat Application Modification

    Hello, Attached is my server codes for my chat application. Currently it can chat in a broadcast manner, which means everybody can see everybody's messages. However, i also need to integrate into this project private chatting, which is something i am struggling with and really need help. Could...
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    More than one stream

    Hello, I now have a chat application. Everything is going through one stream. All the messages and data. I only have one server that hosts all the connections. I am wondering if it is possible that i have more than one stream. Cause i have tried it out and it seems like everything is going...
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    Capturing Date and Time

    Hello, I would like to know the codes in to capture the date and time in the computer. I doubt using the datetimepicker is the right way, because i want it to appear as a label beside the client's name. I need to apply it in my chat application project. Help is much appreciated. :) Linus
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    Integer increment

    Hello, I need to know how to increase my integer everytime it has been get. I have declared testing as integer = 0 Public ReadOnly Property ID() As String Get Return testing.ToString End Get End Property Help is much appreciated.
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    Private Chat

    Hello people, Currently i have a project on chatting. The whole program is able to allow clients to chat altogether. Everybody is able to see everybody's chat. However, i want to be able to establish a private chat also whereby not everybody's chat is displayed. Every client is "assigned"...
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    Minimizing Form

    Hello, When i minimize my form, i want it to disappear from my taskbar, but it is still running. I have a notifyicon which can open it again. Is it a "hide" function? How do i get this working? Linus
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    Hello, I am currently working on a chat program. I am able to chat and everything. However, i am trying to establish private chatting. Now everything seems to be going through one stream only and hence everybody can see everybody's chat. Is it possible to have a different stream? I only have...
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    Getting Ip Address

    Hello, Currently i am working on my school project which is a chat application. I am able to have everybody chatting together. However, i am trying to achieve "1 on 1" chatting. Such that when the nick is clicked upon, it retrieves the ip address of the other client and it opens another window...
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