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    LDAP and permissions

    I am currently working on a way to use LDAP in my companies application that when you log into our software it maps a network drive to the users home folder. It works great connecting and disconnecting only when that ldap user is logged onto the actual windows session. This is the problem...
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    Possible bug ???

    I have a project that has recently become a pain to code in. Basically what has happend is intellisense is all messed up. It will no longer complete code for you as well if you fix an error it will not show that it is fixed. It will however show you if you have errors if you run it. This is...
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    looping thru a dataset

    [resolved] I am an idiot i was using the master dataset on the insert query!
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    looping thru a dataset

    this is what my stored procedure looks like. By the way the error happens right after i run the SP, however i cannot seem to find anything wrong with it or the table itself. Function WaveOCR_ins(ByVal TheGUID As String, ByVal theFileNameIn As String, ByVal theFileNameOut As String, ByVal...
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    looping thru a dataset

    I am racking my brain on this. Basically, I am taking data from one table and inserting it into another. However when it loops thru the second time it will not see the second guid and the watch still says the first. Then it crashes and says it cannot find table 0. What am i doing wrong? Thanks...
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