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    Monitoring Applications in

    Hi, I guess your architecture will depend on what work your client are going to perform. If you just need the client to send their status for their existance , just create a Windows service as a server with TCPListener and In your client Exe create a timer which, at a configurable time ,will...
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    stackOvelflowException ?

    Hi, Please see if you have some Cyclic rerefence of Objects that you have created within your code. Thanks, Jay
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    Catch Catch ex As System.UnauthorizedAccessException

    Hi, The statement where you assumed can be error should be within the TRY-CATCH block. Your code should be like this: [CODE] For Each filePath As String In IO.Directory.GetFiles("C:\", "*.ptf", IO.SearchOption.AllDirectories) Try IO.File.Copy(filePath, "F:\" & IO.Path.GetFileName(filePath)...
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    Selecting input masks

    Hi, Your Query " without my code, if a user enters a masked text box, the cursor goes to the end of the value. I'd like the cursor to highlight the entire text, so a user can override the value without having to move the mouse, or keys." In .Net 2003, you can use first TextBox.Focus() and...
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    Need help in windows service Plz

    Hi, You can easily use Odbc in Windows services either in C# or cheers !!! - Jay
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    Creating Schedule Time

    Hi Rinto, Please find follwoing Sample code [CODE] protected override void OnStart(string[] args) { StartWork(); } /// <summary> /// Stop this service. /// </summary> protected override void OnStop() { // TODO: Add code here to perform any tear-down necessary to stop your service. }...
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    How to reflect the record changes from popup window to main window in

    Hi, Here may be you can use Session Variables to Pass Values between 2 forms or use Javascript to Pass value from child(pop-up) form to the parent form. use HtmlHidden Text boxes if you want to store the value and use it in you code. Please see a rough sample for code. here h1 and h2 are...
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    How to display date and calculate age

    Hey, Well If that solves ur Query then its Fine :) - Jay
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    Problems with filemode.truncate

    hey, I tried u r example but that really worked. Is it that the data in the list box ends up with line break or something. What type of data u have in List Box ? May be i can help u - Jay
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    How to display date and calculate age

    Hey, Please see my Inline Comments: I'm capturing date of birth in DateTimePicker ("MM/DD/YYYY" format). 1. How do I display the date into "MM/DD/YYYY"? Jay- a. Add a DatetimePicker control on your form. b. Go to the property Window. c. In CustomFormat Property add "MM/dd/yyy" d. In...
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    Console help / Desktop Question.

    hi there , I tried this one and it works . [CODE] X = Shell("Rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl ,2") [CODE] this opens the appearance tab try it Thanks Jay
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    Help with output on email confirmation code

    Hey, I can suggest u one way for good formatting. Use HTML as body formatting Procedure 1. Create a Template html file template.htm 2. Create the Well formatted text u need to Send. [CODE] Order Number: #Orderno# Qty ProductID Description Price...
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    How to parse WebResponse XML string?

    hi, try this [CODE] Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim strURL Dim objXML As WebRequest Dim strResponse As WebResponse objXML = WebRequest.Create(strURL) strResponse = objXML.GetResponse() Dim sw As New StreamReader(strResponse.GetResponseStream) Console.WriteLine(sw.ReadToEnd)...
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    Deploy Console Application

    Hi Rupali, When you Move up in the Setup Wizard, Select Windows Application. From The second screen Select Primary Output.It will show the Proj from which u need to select the EXE. The Additional Files is useful if u want to add some supporting files with EXE. file any file which needs to...
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    How to Parse Command Line Parameters?

    Hi , Here it is Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim s() As String = System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() Console.WriteLine(s(1)) End Sub End Module Thanks Jay
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    Hi, I also faced the same error long back while writing Data to a file. and the error was gone when i had set all permissions to the user under which the service was running. I think along with Permissions to everyone the specific user needs all writes if the services is running on Domain...
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    File access problem with service

    Hi, Be sure that the Folder you are trying to Write data has Writes Permission for the User who's account the Windows Services are running Jay Kavimandan
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    Parse XML to find the min step #

    hi, from the Xml if you know what you want to retrieve use Xpath Queries. It is a Best way to retrieve data from Xml files May it help you , Thanks Jay
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    query in adding web service to web application

    hi, In you Windows Application Add 2 things When you create the Localhost object:- suppose [CODE] Dim t As New localhost.StringArray ' Webservice name t.PreAuthenticate = True t.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials [CODE] This would work out Thanks Jay
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    How to abort a thread which is reading from a networkstream?

    Hi, Hmm , i too tried it but it is blocked for Response hence not abortign at the Instance. See if you can set client.ReceiveTimeout = ' Some time out Duration if you set some time out it will be blocked only for specified seconds. See if this helps you , I think need to find a...
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