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    SetData method

    Hi all, I have a treenode, or listitem, in a modular object variable. I'm trying to set the object variable as the event's "dropdata" in the dragdrop event procedure. I'm calling the setdata method, but it keeps telling me that "Object reference not set to an instance..." When the event is...
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    Insert picture into the database.
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    Insert picture into the database.

    The command has to be executed non-query, not reader. Eg. dr = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() Only the filename will be stored, not the image. dr must be declared as int32, as a non-query return the amount of affected records. Hope it helps.
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    ... & "<br> link:<a> soccernet link </a>" The link is part of the string that will become the body, so it has to be enclosed in the quotes. I didn't test it, but it should work. Hope it helps.
  6. R Treeview

    Hi, We downloaded the additional web-controls, including the tree-view, and have implemented it without many problems. The treeview is in the left frame of a 3-frame frameset, and updates the contents of the main page. Now we are having problems with the resize of the forms. The size of the...
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    Crystal Report Viewer

    Hi all, I've written an ASP.NET application that uses Crystal Reports for reporting purposes. Up to now I've used the web-based visual studio crystal report viewer to show the reports and it works fine. The only problem is that the viewer doesn't look very professional. I've just found a...
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