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    Using a Project Installer to copy files/install Fonts

    I have the need for my installer to install a Font file into the Windows system directory. How can I achieve that? Thanks
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    Is it possible to create an installer for a VB.Net Windows Service?

    Using VS.Net? I am not talking about the installer we put into the service, but an external installer that actually installs the service on a client machine. Thanks!
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    Can I stop/Start an external Windows Service (written in VB.Net) From a VB.Net App?

    I have a Windows Service written that prints barcodes at regular intervals. I have another application using which the user can modify an XML file with configuration settings in it. Now, I wanted to know is it possible that when the user modifies the XML file using the external application...
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    Creating the webservice once URL is specified by User?

    I have a program which reads in an XML file which will contain the path to a webservice. I need my program to them create that webservice with a name for the service specified by me. How can I achieve that? Thanks!
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    VB.Net Printing Questions

    Is there a way to make the printer go till the end of the page while printing? Right now, I have a printer on which when I do the print, it stops whereever the printing ends and since the print runs in a loop, I wanted to move it to end of page each time. Thanks!
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    Service which prints, asks me to save a .mdi file?

    I have a service which makes calls to do some printing. When starting the service, it asks me to save something as a .mdi file. Any clue what that is and what might cause it?
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    Writing a "Printing Service"

    I am in the process of writing a print service which, will check for available data every 60 seconds or so, and then get the data and print it on the printer specified. Right now, I just want to write a basic service which when started would print some text every 60 secs. Do I need to use...
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