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    Change the variables value

    I've got a problem. In 'Form1' I made a variable called 'startpagina'. But now I am in form 'Geschiedenis'. And I need to change the variable 'startpagina' of Form1. But how can I do that? I tried 'Form1.startpagina = value' but that wont work. Does anyone knows how to do this? Thank you.
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    treeView child with own listView and rtb

    I made a treeView, and I did that you can create your own roots and childs. I used this code to let you create your own child: If Not textBox1.Text = "" Then Treeview1.SelectedNode.Nodes.Add(textBox1.Text) textBox1.Text = "" ElseIf textBox1.Text = "" Then...
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    listView questions

    1) I made a kind of Excel with a listView. The gridline's are on true, and it's detailed. So you have cell's. But how can I make it possible you can type in different cell's? There are 27 columns and 300 items. 2) How can I make you delete an item of the listview? All the item's are in the...
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