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    Pointer Dragdrop

    Hi all, I want to have the pointer in my PPC which can actually drag a map/picture when the user clicks on it. Any ideas how to do it?
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    Coding Error

    Hi all, I've got some errors I need your guys help. The error of: Value of type 'Integer' cannot be converted to 'System.UInt32'. occurs within this function. (In red) Private Shared Function AllocHGlobal(ByVal cb As IntPtr) As IntPtr Dim hmem_Renamed As IntPtr hmem_Renamed =...
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    Receiving SMS

    :( Hi all, Do anyone here has an example on receiving SMS besides the one from MSDN? Because the one from MSDN is giving me a terrible headche. I need a pure program. Thanks a million!
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    Multiline Textbox

    Hi all, Just a noob question... How do you insert lines into a multiline textbox from some captured data? (other steps besides setting the multiline property as true)
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    Open File

    Hi all, how do you open a specified file without using the openfiledialog method?
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    get text from multiline textbox from another program

    Hi all, as you can see from my topic, I would like to ask whether the 'GetWindowText' Function would do the job. Thx!
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    sendMessage API, findWindow method

    Hi all, does anyone know what anything about sendMessage API, and findWindow method? Thanks!
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    Monitoring textbox from an external program

    Hi all, I'm trying to use to monitor the mutli-line textbox from an external application program. Can anyone help me?
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    textbox animation

    hi sir, do you have any ideas how to make the label text change colour when the text in the label itself changes? Thx
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    Hi, Sir I'm trying to create an 'enter' space in my msg box. I've forgeotten how to do it. What I remember is this... MsgBox("Hi there." & clrf & "How are you?) But this returns me an error. Do you have the solution for this? thx!
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    calling out multiple forms

    Hi there, I'm trying to call out multiple forms, any idea how to do it?
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    Trouble converting a string to double

    Hi, I'm trying to convert a string to double but this error always occurs: An unhandled exception of type 'System.FormatException' occurred in mscorlib.dll While myReader.Peek() <> -1 Label1.Text = myReader.ReadLine() Dim test As String = Label1.Text Dim lat1 As String Dim lon1 As String lat1...
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    How ro make phone call on Pocket PC

    is there any idea or solution to implement ro make phone call on Pocket PC?or now i got a textbox and a button how can i extract out the telephone number and use the button to call Thanks alot
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    I'm trying to open a specified text file without having the program to open a dialog. how should I do it? The error is highlighted in red. Imports System.IO Public Class Form1 Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form Windows form generated codes Private Sub btnSelectPicture_Click(ByVal sender...
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    Help zoom in map

    Help i have two button for zoom in and out for my map but i have problem implementing code under the method is there any way or solution of implementing it?????
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    Emulator couldn't detect cab files

    Hi, I've created a cab file for my project according to the steps mentioned on msdn library. I've copied the cab file: SimpleMapVB_PPC.X86 and even the whole cab folder into my shared folder. After that I opened the path on my emulator to the shareddocuments directory. The folders that I saw...
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    Need help in GPS application

    Hi, I've found a website that is what exactly I needed to do for my school project but I really have no idea how to start or how to do. It'll be best if there are examples(source codes) for this. It reads the NMEA file that you uploaded and shows the route that you have taken...
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    Hi, I going to start on a project soon and I need some basic skills to start with... I'm looking for examples on SaveFileDialog, do you have any that can show me?
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    to create a new API/layer?

    Hi i have created an openfiledialog form and a graphics which acts as a marker. I've also inserted a picturebox. And this marker is used to mark on the map(picture that is supposed to be on the picturebox). But the problem is the marker is overlayered(covered) by the map picture. Do you know how...
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    need help in solving code error

    does not display GUI Well, thanks jmcilhinney for your previous help. I've worked out the codes and they are fine now. But a new problem occurred, after i started to run the application, the GUI shown was totally blank. Do do know what are the reasons behind this? I've put the bitmap pictures...
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