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    Reading printer Spool file using StreamReader

    Hello I have a DOS based program which prints output to printer. It also has the option of sending output to Spool file which is actually used by printer. I am trying to read that Spool file using System.IO.StreamReader in 2.0 but the problem is it does not read the whole file and stops...
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    DataGrid not sorting and paging

    Hello I am using DataGrid with the following options Allow Sorting - Yes Allow Paging - Yes (default paging) When I run the application it shows that there are 5 pages but when I click on any of them for e.g. 2 , 3, 4, 5 it always displays the first page and not the rest. Plus it doesn't...
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    HTML table vs ASP.Net table

    Hello, If we want to display records in ASP then we simply loop through them and display them as follows <%While not rs.EOF%> <td><%=rs("Record1")%></td> <% rs.MoveNext Wend %> Now what is the best way to do this in ASP.Net? Shall I create an ASP.Net table control? Basically I...
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    Session problem

    I have page named Page1.aspx which contain the following code in Page_Load event. Session("test") = "Hello" There is also a link on that page which when you click goes to Page2.aspx. This second page Page2.aspx contain one web user control named UserControl1.ascx. I have written the...
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    Connection string in web.config

    Hello, By default this is written in web.config <sessionState mode="InProc" stateConnectionString="tcpip=" sqlConnectionString="data source=;Trusted_Connection=yes" cookieless="false" timeout="20" /> My question is how can I use this sqlConnectionString defined...
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    How to move web user control in a web page?

    Hello, I created a web user control in ASP.Net. Then I added it in the webpage but by default it adds it up at the top of the page. But I want to place this control at the bottom of the page as a footer. I tried everything but couldn't find a way to move it, it is just stuck at the top. What do...
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    Refractor! for Visual Basic 2005

    Hello, Yesterday I downloaded Refractor! for Visual Basic 2005 (from MSDN website), but when I tried to install it, it said that Visual Studio .Net 2005 is not installed althought I have Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition for Visual Basic installed on my system. What could be the problem?
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    SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

    Hello How do I create database in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. See the screenshot there is nothing in the start menu. I know that it may not have the Enterprise Manager but still from where I can create/access database?
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    How to use VS 2005 Beta 2

    Hi Today I installed Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 Team Suite. After installation when I ran it I found no option to create a new project. It is asking me to connect to Team Foundation Server to create a new project. Why is that? Why do I need to connect to Team Foundation Server to develop...
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    Multiple parameters in crystal report

    Hello, I have a report containing two parameters 1. pDept_Code 2. pEmployee_Code The database contain two tables as follows: 1. Tbl_Dept -------- Dept_Code Dept_Name 2. Tbl_Employee ------------- Employee_Code Employee_Name Dept_Code Let's say I want to print records of all Employees in...
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    Will setup/installer create ODBC DSN automatically?

    I have an application with password protected MS Access database. The application connects it via ODBC System DSN. If I create setup/installer of my application using Setup and Deployment of .Net how can I make sure that it automatically creates an ODBC DSN on target computer?
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    Error connecting to Access database

    Hello I have added a dataset in my project named Dataset1.xsd. Then I try to create a connection with password protected Access database but when I press the Test Connection button it gives the following error: Test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider. Cannot start...
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    How to give login info in Crystal Report

    I have a simple application containing one crystal report. I am using a password protected MS Access database. When I run the report a screen pops up and asks for Server, Database, User and Password. How do I avoid that?
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    How to call/run a crystal report

    I have prepared a report in crystal How do I run this report? I have added a form and put CrystalReportsViewer on it, what to do next?
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    How do I access Crystal Reports Designer in VS.Net

    Hi I have VS.Net 2003 EA and I am making a VB.Net application which uses Crystal Reports. How do I access the Crystal Report Designer which comes with VS.Net? I can't find it anywhere and the only thing I can find is Crystal Report Viewer in the toolbar. During VS.Net installation I chose full...
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    How to update a value in Console Application

    Hi I am making a command line program in VB.Net that goes throught a loop and displays progress on screen like the following: Done...1% Now this 1% will increase as the loop progresses. Problem is to write on command line we have two functions Write and WriteLine and both writes a new...
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    Error reading Setup.exe

    I create a setup in VS.Net 2003. It creates three files 1. Setup.exe 2. Setup.ini 3. MyProgram.msi When I run MyProgram.msi then after the initial screens where it asks whether you want to install it for Everyone or Just me, it gives error Error reading from file...
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    String value not showing in a textbox but prints it in msgbox

    Take a look at the attached program. It is really simple just one textbox and one button. What I am doing is when you click on the button it calls a subroutine which is inside a module. That sub passes a string value "hello" to another sub which is inside the form. I can print the value using...
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