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    Including windows hotfix in setup package

    My application requires that a certain windows hotfix has been applied in order to work correctly. Is there any way I can include this hotfix in my application install? If there is, how do I stop the hotfix from running again if a newer version of the software is installed?
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    Listview Scroll ( ensurevisible not available)

    Hello. I Have a listview with several items in it. How do I get the listview to scroll down when another item is added? In winforms, I could just call ensurevisible() on the item in question, and the listview would scroll, but (even though MSDN says to the contrary) there is no EnsureVisible...
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    Detecting a freeze

    I have an application that has multiple background threads that loop for tasks eg every 10 secs etc. I obviously also have my gui thread that the users interact with. In this particular market (epos) there is absolutely no delays allowed, but sometimes ( and it can be days of use before this...
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    PresentationCore.dll Hogging CPU!

    I have an application that creates a number of Buttons on a canvas, and then sets them all to invisible. Unfortunately it seems that as soon as the appliaction has loaded these buttons, my cpu maxes out for a good few minutes. I know it is related to these buttons because if I comment out the...
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    Code Example: Automatically resize text to fit textbox

    This one drove me crazy for a while, I was used to being able to do this using measuretext when using GDI. Anyway... (ONLY suitable for single line textboxes) Usage: TextBox1.FontSize = MakeFit(TextBox1,11) Code: Function MakeFit(ByVal textbox As TextBox, Optional ByVal MaxFontSize As Double =...
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    Simple string compression/Decompression

    Hi guys. Is there any simple way of making 2 functions, one to compress a string, one to decompress said string? Over the past few weeks I have spent too much time messing about with libraries such as zsharplib or whatever it is, and my project cannot afford any more time to put it bluntly...
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    This could just be me not quite getting a grasp of routed events yet, but I can't seem to figure this out... I'm trying to fire an event when a label is clicked. I could do this without an issue in winforms. However in WPF, I get the error: 'Click' is not an event of...
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    What are the thought of you guys on the databinding in wpf? Do you prefer it or the winforms databinding that we're more used to? I tend to prefer the winforms way at present, however the databinding of properties throughout the hierarchy of the xaml document certainly does interest me...
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    .net 3.0 /wpf?

    Any chance of a wpf/ net3 area of the forums yet?
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    Referencing WPF form from VB

    Morning all. I have a problem with a WPF Form that I have added into an existing WinForms Application. Here is the XAML for the form so far: <Window x:Class="Window1" xmlns=""...
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    Sending a long string over tcp/ip

    I have an application that, from time to time needs to send an xml file from one terminal to another. As you know, XML files can be fairly long, and therefore often I exceed the maximum length that can be transmitted in one go. However, I have no ide how to go about breaking down the data...
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    Read XML from string into Dataset

    Is there an easy way to read XML from a string variable into a dataset? At the moment, I am having to write the XML from the String out to a text file, and then read in the XML from that file using the .ReadXML(Filename) method. I find it bizarre that the dataset has .GetXML so that you can...
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    Slow Redrawing of controls on top of image

    Hi Guys Forgive me if this is easy or anything like that, I am a GDI+ newbie. I have a form that dynamically loads and displays buttons, up to 30 or 40 on one screen (it's an EPOS program) However, if i set a background image on the form, it can take up to a second or 2 for the system to...
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    ComboBox not databinding unless selected.

    I have 2 databound comboboxes on a form. When an item is selected from the first combobox, a filter is applied to the bindingsource of the second combobox to only show relevant options. When there is only one option in the second combo box, I want that to be the one that is selected. I am...
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    Recognising key sequence

    Good evening. I need my MDI based application to respond to a certain sequance of keystrokes, no matter which child form/control has the focus. The sequence of keys I need to recongnise is "%CLK" Does anybody have any suggestions where I could start on this one as I have no idea!
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    Making SQL express database available offline.

    Good afternoon. I am currently developing an epos system, and have been thrown a curve ball. The Story so far: Each Epos terminal connects to the server over a standard Network. The server is running SQL 2005 Express edition. As each transaction is put through the epos systems, the...
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    Error tracking - finding source of messagebox

    Evening! I have inherited a project from another programmer, and I am a little stuck. Basically, during one of the functions, an exception is thrown, and I am presented with a messagebox saying "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". The message box seems to have been thrown...
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    Audio feedback on every button.

    Hi guys. I am developing a touchscreen application with many buttons on the forms. What I am wondering, as whether there is a way to give feedback to the user that their input has been recognised? e.g. My app will be used for ordering products. If the user taps the touchscreen, but there is a...
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