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    How to service more than one request using a web service

    Hi Could you please tell me if i can process more than one request at the same time using a web service? Is there a way to achieve this in one shot? I dont have experience in web apps and not sure of the way it works. Multi threading is not appropriate for this requirement as it just switches...
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    need a way to run multiple process concurrently

    hi there we have a requirement where we are required to process multiple objects at the same time...i tried using multi threading only to understand that only one thread will be active at any given point of i have ruled out that there a way to run multiple tasks at the same...
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    Can i make dataset as a database

    Hi Iam working for a project that aims at removing the sql server, which acts as an intermediate data source just for the sake of formatting the data. My question is if I have a data set instead of sql server, will i be able to use the dataset as a datasource (database)? Will i be able to use a...
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