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    Question MsgBox with count down and auto select

    Hi, below is the MsgBox i'm talking about, how do i add a count down (eg, 20secs) and unless the user clicks something, then "Yes" is automatically selected? Dim A As MsgBoxResult A = MsgBox ("Hey!", MsgBoxStyle.YesNo) If A = MsgBoxResult.Yes Then MsgBox("Yesssss") ElseIf A...
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    Retrieve values from objects between forms

    Hi, In how do you retrieve an value from a object in a different form. (please correct me if i'm using wrong / bad terms) eg: ' on frmMain MsgBox ("Say ""Hello World"" Mr. " & frmOther.txtName.text)
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    Form has focus over others with project

    Hi, is it possible to have the same effect as a dialogue box, with form focus? eg, when using the open dialogue box, if you try to focus on another form within the app, it doesn't' let you and starts flashing. But when you switch to another app, it doesn't interfere.
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    Question Shutdown Intercept Service

    Hi Guys, OK, so i need something that can listen for shutdown requests and intercept and stop them. then run some code (prompts the user) that does some magic and then closes it's self and issues a new shutdown command. This will aparently do it, but i have no idea how to use it. Source...
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    Plug-ins / add-ons / extentions

    ok so i want to write a unit converter (open source), and instead of having the whole thing as spaghetti code; i want users to be able to write plugins that have other convention functions. what do i need to know and do?
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    Question numericUpDown look-a-like to set time:confused:

    ok so for ****s and giggles, i'm writing a windows scheduled tasks clone, and need to be able to set a time to kick-off $BLAH. if you look in "Date and Time Properties" (double click the clock) i want of of them.. how do i do that?:confused:
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