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    Question Looping through images from a folder

    Hello there, I've been searching for a while on how to correctly loop images from a folder. My program consists of 6 pictureboxes that get populated by images from a folder in my computer. I have a "Next" button that when clicked, shows the next 6 images. My problem is, after I hit the "Next"...
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    How to read a txtfile using PocketPC emulator

    Hello, I would like to read from a .txtfile using the PocketPC emulator. On previous programs, I copy the .txtfile under the bin folder and I am able to read it fine. But using PocketPC, where do I put my .txtfile? Under the bin folder there is another folder, Debug. Ive tried putting it...
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    Substring explanation

    Hello, there are this 2 lines of codes strPartyAbbrev = CStr(alsData(i)).Substring(intStringLength - 2, 1) alsData(i) = CStr(alsData(i)).Substring(0, intStringLength - 4) strPartyAbbrev is indicating that it will get the last character of the string right? but im stuck on what alsData(i)...
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    Displaying data from a list box to output

    Hello guys, Ive been reading the forums and links for the past 2 days, very useful stuff! Now my question, I have a listbox that I loaded with a .txt file and I want to click on a selection in the list box and have that selection appear on another list box. I want to search the .txt file and...
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