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    Combobox in DataGridView - How to Populate?

    Hi, I have a datagridview that is getting it's datasource from a dataset (which was populated from a stored procedure). The datagridview holds information about products such as ProductName, ModelNumber, Price, Vendor, Category, etc. I have the datagridview columns being generated...
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    Problems with Array, DataReader, etc

    I've ran into a problem that's been driving me crazy. To introduce, I have a self-reference table in my database to manage categories. For instance: ID, Name, Path Where path references the the ID of another record in the same table. Now, I am trying to create a treeview of all the...
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    Properties of TreeNode

    Hi, I am pretty new to TreeView and ran into a bit of a problem. I am currently populating my treeview from a datareader and it is working fine with the parent and child nodes. My problem is that I need to display the FieldName from the database, but I still need the FieldID value to make...
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    Preventing Software Piracy

    Not sure if this has been discussed here or not, but I am interested in hearing different approaches people take to prevent their applications from being pirated. What approaches can be taken to make sure no one redistributes my application?
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    Inserting Unbound Items to a Bound Combo Box

    Hi, I have a data bound combobox in my application. I would like to add some unbound items to the same combo box. For example, instead of the first record being selected, I would like to have an item "Select...". I would also like to add an "Add New" item to the combo box which would take...
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