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    The best way to END a thread?

    I use threads a lot in my program, and some people get that CheckForIllegalCrossThread error when loading a form. This is the way I do my threads at the moment: Initialization - Public Sub initLoad() Dim ThreadX As New Thread(AddressOf LoadAccount) ThreadX.Start()...
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    Application Overview My application is an account and character manager for a game, it uses MySQL's ODBC driver to communicate with the server. Now, I didn't use the best of my knowledge when doing the queries, as every query requires a reconnection to the server. The way I designed it was...
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    VB.NET and LUA

    I'am sorta getting the idea that implamenting a LUA debugger into a VB.NET application is sorta, impossible? I've read that there is no official debugger for LUA, but there methods to debug it when programming. How do you think I would go about, in VB.NET, making a simplified LUA debugger? It...
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    Simple Threading Example

    Heres a simple example on how to multi-thread your application. Why Multi-thread? When you have a critical process that needs to be ran, it may sometimes freeze, lock, or severaly slow down the main thread (form). To get past this, you simply create a new thread for the process to run on. To...
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