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    Re: Default project type from VB to C#

    Re: Default project type from VB to C# You know how when you install Visual Studio it asks you what developement environment you wish to use? How to heck do I change it to CSharp now that I am tired of VB? Thanks in advance!
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    Nice Tutorial - 2.0
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    ASP.NET 2.0 and DATAGRIDVIEW with Objects

    In VB you can create a class, create an object datasource for it and drag it right onto your form. Why can't I do this in ASP? I can create the datasource no problem. But it doesn't even have the little arrow so you can select master/details. I am assuming I have to bind it progamatically...
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    Ansi telnet. Hyperterminal. BBS Terminal. Where to start?

    Using hyperterminal with windows you can log into a BBS and you see colors, blinking, etc.. How do I do that in .net? I have figured out how to make the connection. Here is my receive code. NumBytes = tnSocket.Receive(RecvBytes, RecvBytes.Length, 0) RecvString = RecvString +...
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