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    Question How to Process Large XML File

    Hi there Quite new to and looking for advice on how to process large XML files. The file I have is about 600mb but could be larger and I want to load it into a Access database. Using the import feature of Access doesn't load the data correctly, for instance I have <owner_data>...
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    Looking for some XML guidance

    I'm quite new to and now seem to be jumping into the fire by trying to process an XML file into an Access Database. Here is what I have If I run code Dim ds As New DataSet("XMLDataSet") Dim xmlDocument As New XmlDocument xmlDocument = New XmlDocument...
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    Writing Updated DataSet Out

    Still trying to complete my first VB/ADO.Net piece of code. The final piece of help I need is how to write out my DataSet which I have updated back to the original Excel spreadsheet or to a new spreadsheet? Below is my code.. Many thanks RibTime Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As...
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    Processing a DataSet?

    I'm very new at VB and trying to lean by writing a small program to read an excel spreadsheet and then add/update some of the cells. As you can see below I have used ADO.Net and have loaded my data into a DataSet. Having searched round the forums and web for examples I seem have drawn a blank...
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