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    Format of time value

    hello, i'm having a problem with my connection to my db. I've ot a column in my db (acces) called "tijd", in that column are only time-value's. But when i let one of that time-value's shown in a textbox (or something) i get by example this text: 30-12-1899 7:45:00. i only want to have the 7:45...
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    time display in textbox

    hello, when i bind a textbox (shows a date) to a ms access database and let the data show trough a dataview i get the date i added to my DB but at the end of the date i get a time value 0:00:00, this isnt standing in my database and is very anoing. How do i get rith of this timevalue? greats...
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    hello, i've got a datagrid and a dataview. Now i've linked the datagrid to the dataview so ik kan sort en filter text easy. Now i've got a multi-line textbox called memo. ive got this so i can type some relevant info that doest belong in the datagrid. I've binded it to my dataview sothat when i...
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    Character count

    is it possible to make a if statement about a piece of text, but then only the 3th and 4th character? example: if textbox1.text.char1 & textbox1.text.char2 = 11 then textbox3.text = "november" end if something like that
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    Dataview + delete row

    hello, i'm using a dataview to fill my datagrid. Now i want to use a button to delete the currunt row. i've looked everywhere but nowhere they have the solution for this. greats Astie
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    Dataview rowfilter dates

    i've got 2 questions in once: i use VS.NET and having an ms database (if you need this information) 1. i want to filter a row with a dataview.rowfilter. I know how to do this with normal text fields but not with date's. I've got a combobox with the 12 months in it, now when i click for...
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    difficult question autofilter

    Hello i've got four you guys maybe an easy question but it is very difficult to explain. But i'll try. I've got an MS Acces Database, ive got a table called tbl_codes2. In that table i've got 3 collumns: Id, Codes2 and Uren. Now i've filled a Combobox with the data from column "Codes2"...
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    Datetimepicker automatic

    when i've picked a date from the DTP, and ik clicked my OK button i want the DTP to go automaticly go to a day later :confused: . how can i do this. i've tried something with dtp.value = next (something like that) but didn't work. can somebody please help me cheers Astie UPDATE I've...
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