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    Icon for Control Panel...Programs and Features

    When you install an app through a Setup Project and entry is placed in Control Panel...Programs and Features. How do you get an icon associeated with that entry??? Thank you
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    Need book on Deployment

    Can anyone recommend a good book or article on creating a Setup project with VS2008? I have read the stuff on MSDN (Windows Installer Deployment) but it is too generic. Is there anything on CodeProject or CodePlex that really gets into it??? Thanks
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    Question BindingNavigator disable button

    Can someone suggest how I can disable the various button on a BindingNavigator control?? For instance, if a user is adding a member I want to disable the Delete button and all of the Move arrows, plus the ability to change the Position number. The same applies to clicking the Delete button...
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    Question Relationship between datatables

    I really need some help with this one. I am using VS2008 Standard, Access 2007 and I have an Access db with a Membership table, a DuesPayment table and a table linking the two together. tblMembers lnktblMembersToPayment tblDues...
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    ContextSwitchDeadlock was detected

    I have a program in which I am trying to compose and write in excess of 14000 lines of text to a file. It gets to 9433 and quits. It will eventually give me the error shown below. Can anyone explain the last sentence of the error message and perhaps give me a solution? Thank you in...
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    Favorites without baseurl

    I have so many IE Favorites it is getting hard to find the right one when I need it. I have an application in mind to sort all this out. However, I am finding that all the links stored in the Favorites directories (and sub-dirs) do not have a baseurl keyword inbedded in them. If you...
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    Control Arrays

    I have move an application from VB6 to In VB6 I used Control Arrays (an array of Labels). Through articles I have found on various Forums I have been able to re-create control arrays in I have successfully recoded everything in but have two questions: 1) Can I add...
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