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    There was an error loading the microsoft.web.services2 configuration section

    WSE 2.0 SP3 is really pissing me off. I cant find any information on the internet that tells me how to get this working. I am just playing with it for the moment so that I can develop a SOAP application later. Just about everything that I do gives me this error: currently I am just trying...
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    Im trying to print a word document through my software. the program works as a normal application but when the same code is used in a windows service the service freezes at the creation of the word.application. ' this is the line that freezes the service. Dim wordApp As New...
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    Flushing sockets

    hey everyone. first post in this forum i am haveing trouble with sockets in apparently there is this new <sarcasm>wonderful</sarcasm> thing called the nagle algorithm that holds on to your data that you send until a buffer is full of data. This is supposed to improve network...
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