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    Remote database access

    Hi all, I have a mysql database stored in an FTP site. Currently I am able to connect to this database bacause it is on my pc and I have a connection string hardcoded in my code in, that looks like this: Dim DBname As New OdbcConnection("DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};" &...
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    moving parts of a treeview around

    I have a mysql table called term in which all the term names have been developed as treenodes on the interface. I now have a term2term table that tells the relationship between each of the nodes on the interface I just created. What I need to do, is a) to say if something in the treeview...
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    Hyperlink using

    I have data from a mysql database being displayed in a treeview structure using The last childnode that is coded for needs to be a huperlink to the actual site that the hyperlink represents. Please please please does anyone know the code to do this, as I dont have a clue and have been...
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    split method

    does anyone know how to split a tabbed delimited text file and read each column into a different dynamic array? The first two columns consist of strings and the last two columns are doubles. :-)
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    maths function

    Does anyone know the code in for doing a simple division? I want to be able to divide all the contents (double numbers) of an array by the contents of another array and display them on the gui. Thanks!
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    Can someone please tell me how to read in a file and save it to a dynamic array at the same time? I have the code to read a file and display it on screen, I just need the code to save the contents to an array at the same time. Its a one dimensional dynamic array. This is the code I have so far...
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    Filling a treeview from mysql

    I am trying to fill a treeview in from a mysql database. I want to have 3 levels, i.e. parent, child and grandchild! My code connects to the mysql database with no problem and reads the parent name into the correct place in the treeview and also the grandchild, BUT the child (middle...
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