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    Images of Cards

    If anyone has a deck of 52 cards for a game of 21. Please give me a hand.
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    Asteroids Code

    Hey Hey guys! Well I'm in my computers class right now, and I'm getting pretty bored. Would anybody happen to have the code for "asteroids" Oh and my friend Jimmy here wants "Super Mario" Any links or code would be great
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    Picturebox question

    I am wondering how to make my main character transperent. Like the background behind him. So basically I want a guy to be able to move ontop of other pictures and still be able to see the original picture. Any help is apreciated:eek:
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    Byte to string

    I am wondering how I can turn a byte into a string. I want to create a for loop to cycle throgh ASCii. Any help is apreciated. Anybody got any tips?
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    Integer Problem MsgBox parameter

    When I click on my picture in the "cave" with this code " System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles PictureBox59.Click MsgBox("You have the Kender spoon of turning!", " ") Spoon = 1 End Sub" alright the msgbox is to tell you that you have finally found the...
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