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    Addnew with combx and txtbx sync'd

    I display records using a combox and textbox. I want to clear both when I call addnew(), and then I can enter in a new record into the combox field and the textbox field. But, it only clears my textbox, it does not clear my combobox. Am I doing this right? Combobox Datasource is set to...
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    Manually programming a datagrid

    I want to manually program a datagrid as an exercise in teaching myself how to update, insert, and delete to a dataset and db. Is this a bad thing to do? Anyway, I wanted to ask a question. When you create a data adapter with the wizard it creates the sql statements for you. When I created a...
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    Date in dataset, change format, place in txtbx

    Can you tell me how this is done? I don't know if I should even do it this way. I am pulling data from the database into my dataset. The dates have the minutes, etc. still attached. I want to display a mm-ddm-yyyy on the screen. I thought of using an alias like this in the SQL...
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    Bindingmanager before Valuemember?

    Here's a quirk. Why does this happen? If I do this: ------------------------------------------------------------ cboCompanyKey.DataSource = dsDataSet.Tables("COMPANY") cboCompanyKey.DisplayMember = "CompanyKey" txtbxCompanyName.DataBindings.Add("text", dsDataSet, "Company.CompanyName")...
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    Combobox relies on previous combobox

    I have an app where I want to have the user select a choice from a combobox. Such as "CompanyA". Then, some textboxes are filled in with company information from the company table. I have one dataset and multiple data adapters that populate the dataset tables. Here's the part I think I'm messing...
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    Training advice for DBA/Programmer

    Hi, I am a SQL Server DBA/Programmer at a small business. Basically, I write some VB.Net, VB6, stored procedures and do some minimal DBA work such as backups, restores, etc. I want to take my career to the next level. I wanted to know if you think I should get the MCDBA if it would help my...
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