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    Can connect to database on Net? I need help.

    Hi, Just a sharing and I might be wrong. I had this error before when I use the SQL Server Express version. The error pop-up probably the SQL server 2005 you use haven't configure to allow the remote connection. The configuration can be done by: 1) Go to the surface area configuration for...
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    DataGridView problem filter view

    May be you can try to explore the DataView class and applying the filtering criteria.
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    variable help describe

    Well, I think the 1st code portion is declare the user_id as global variable within the form, and can be refer by any method within the form. The 2nd code is to declare the user_id as local variable and the variable will be destroy once the method or the block within the declaration finish...
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    Updating Access DB

    Yes, the error might be from the SQL line there, I see you used the string concatenation to generate the SQL and you tried to cast a string in the textbox to the integer. I expect the error might from here. You can try Str = "insert into table1 values(" & TextBox1.Text & ",'" &...
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    DateDiff function in Access?

    Yes, there is DateDiff function that you can use in access query. Please refer to this url to read on the information A simple example to compare the date in the query would be SELECT * FROM GLPOST WHERE DATEDIFF('d', Crt_Dt...
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    Can't Show Form While Reading Data Reader

    May be should use Form2.ShowDialog()
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    Datagrid Column headers not clearing?

    Try DataSet1.Tables.Clear()
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    SqlDataReader.Read - If Then

    If dr.Read() Then txtLeftAvgeMeanIMT.Text = CStr(dr.GetValue(0)) txtLeftAvgeMaxIMT.Text = CStr(dr.GetValue(1)) txtRightAvgeMeanIMT.Text = CStr(dr.GetValue(2)) txtRightAvgeMaxIMT.Text = CStr(dr.GetValue(3)) End If
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    Just too many table adapters

    Alternative is Dim dv As DataView = New DataView(glb_dtTransactionDesc) dv.RowFilter = "auto_tran = 'False'" Me.cboNewAutoTransaction.DataSource = dv Me.cboNewAutoTransaction.DisplayMember = "tran_description"
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    Just too many table adapters

    I think you cannot do in that was, if you change your code to this I think it will work: Me.cboNewAutoTransaction.DataSource = glb_dtTransactionDesc
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    Text Boxes -> DataGridView

    For illustration.
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    Form Show

    How do you pass the value? It depends on how you declare your variable and it will affect the way you pass your value to them.
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    Text Boxes -> DataGridView

    May be can show us some of your coding on how you do it?
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    Form Show

    Just some opinion: 1st Code 1) Object oriented. 2) Create as many new forms as you want. 2nd Code 1) Only show 1 form at a time (same form) 2) Traditional VB6 coding.
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    Passing date parameter in SQLCommand to SQL Database

    May be try out cdate(dr("DepositDate"))
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    combobox problem

    May be try out change the DropDownStyle to DropDownList.
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    Text Boxes -> DataGridView

    Had you bound the datatable to the datagridview?
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    large rowsets

    I think you are not using VB.NET, you use the C# coding. In general view, from what you have describe, I think you should load 1 record at a time because you only display 1 record in the form. I think you have to sit down and rethink on the design. 2nd, make sure your database table is...
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    Telling Lst's to display imported data (simple)

    May be should try out me.lstproblemd.Items.Add(dr(1)) me.lsturgency.Items.Add(dr(1)) or load the data to the dataset and bind it to the list box Me.lstproblemd.DataSource = myDataSet.Tables("MyTable") Me.lstproblemd.DisplayMember = "SomeColToDisplay"
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    displaying fields from more than one table

    Might need to use the SQL join to join the 2 tables.
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