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    ASP.NET2.0/SQL2005: Split Long String with Paging

    Does anyone know (or can point me to an example of) how to split a long string retrieved from a db (8000+ characters) and utilize the paging feature of one of the .NET 2.0 xview controls (gridView, detailsView etc.)? I am creating a light weight CMS for my site and when presenting an article to...
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    UI design ? (Master Page or Frames)

    I guess the reason I didnt get any replies, I may not have been clear on the question. This is not about a flash ad rotator. I have that working. This is about whether or not to use a master page or frames to keep the section of the page that has my ads from refreshing . Example: If I used a...
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    UI design ? (Master Page or Frames)

    Hi, I am creating a script that will serve flash ads. I am using a XML file as a config for the Ad rotation (to set expiration dates ect.). The problem is that I want the rotation to be continuous and that would not be possible if the entire page refreshes (when a llink is clicked etc). So my...
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    Update XML textNode ASP.Net/VB.Net

    Tell me what problems you are having and I will see if I can help.
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    Pass Variable Value To User Control From Host Page

    I am trying to pass the value of a varible to a user control (code behind) from the host page of the user control. In the uc code behind I am using Get...Set to retrive the value and if I use a static string (i.e "blk") it works but I cannot get it to work using (<%#variable%>. Here is the code...
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    Update XML textNode ASP.Net/VB.Net

    Does anyone know a way and/or a tutorial that shows how to update a XML textNode value? ex: XMLDoc <ParentNode> <ChildNode1> <ValueNode1>SomeData</ValueNode1> <ValueNode2>SomeMoreData</ValueNode2> <ValueNode3>EvenMoreData</ValueNode3> </ChildNode1> </ParentNode> I would like to know how to...
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    Dynamic Variable Declaration

    Is it possible to dynamically declare a variable using the value of another variable? Or any method that may work! Thanks
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    Calculator App w/ VB.Net

    I am very new to VB.Net and as a first project I am trying to build a calculator similar to the windows scientific calculator. I have a specific problem when I try to convert a binary Qword to decimal. I am using this loop: PublicFunction BTD(ByVal Bin AsString) As String Dim i AsInteger...
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