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    File Extension

    hello everyone, i need some help. i'm developing program application for smartdevice (pocket pc 2003 SE) and i use 2005. but i have problems to save my variable value to a file with special extention. i want to save my file with dss extention (*.dss). but i can do that in smartdevice...
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    SaveDialog and OpenDialog in

    hello everyone, how use SaveDialog and OpenDialog to save and Open file in for example, if i want to save value of my variable in specific file. total=10 max=4, etc and how i can save it in file, so i can load that value by open the OpenDialog?? please help me! Thanks you
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    Control array

    if i have textbox1, textbox2,...textBox5 so, how do this in for i as Integer =1 to 5 TextBox(i).Text=i next Thanks very much
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    Module in

    hello, i want to ask everyone here how do these: i heve vb 6.0 source code like this: example: i have form name: form1 with textbox1, and button1. sub { Test form1 } and i have module name Module1 and this module do this: Sub Test(byVal Frm as Form)...
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