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  1. bspro

    word macro return value...

    is there any way to get a return value from a word macro...? well i am working on a project and i managed to write a macro which gets the line no of the current cursor position...Is there any way to get the value(line no)in my program...? Is there a way to do this without using word...
  2. bspro

    help on pro...

    thx man thx for the reply man...ya it have a mouse location property but which event to use it...?
  3. bspro

    help on pro...

    hi friends i am doing a project which needs ms word to be opened within the form and custum pics to be displayed on the right side according to the locstion of the cursor inside the word window.I managed to add ms word to the form using dsoframer.ocx but it does not include any mouse
  4. bspro

    ms word in form

    dsoframer... Is there any way to get the cursor position in the word inserted using dsoframer.It is urgent can any one help..?
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