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  1. dean

    SplitContainer with maximise/minimise buttons on splitter bar?

    I'm looking for a way to add (maximise/minimise) buttons to the splitter bar of a SplitContainer. Similar to those seen here: Does anyone have any ideas on doing this? or know of any 3rd party controls that...
  2. dean

    Sharing config/settings between projects in a solution.

    I need to share some user settings between projects in a solution, does anyone know how this is best achieved? Also what's the best way of sharing common resources (strings/images) between projects? Thanks in advance.
  3. dean

    User Authorization - permissions within roles

    I'm developing a new application that will incorporate the notion of user roles, e.g. admin,reporter,viewer. I'm thinking of doing this using the GenericIdentity and GenericPrincipal, however I would like more fine grained permissions such that under each role (e.g. reporter) I can have more...
  4. dean

    MDI with appearance of SDI

    I'm currently developing an application that will have a standard menubar,toolbar and statusbar, and will have varying content in the middle . I'm currently using a main form setting it as mdicontainer and then using child forms to display the content in the middle. I've set the child forms...
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