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    MODI help

    I'm trying to use MODI to dispaly a .tif and save it. Any help would be appreciated!
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    How to specify dll or exe

    Well that helps. Do you know of some place where this is documented? Thanks!
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    How to specify dll or exe

    I'm new to VS. When you're in a solution, and you pick 'new' what determines if VS makes a dll or exe? There's module, class, component, windows form, etc. What I want to do is make several exe's that share some common dll's. Thanks!
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    Design of a Commercial Application

    I've been programming many years. The last 10 yrs I've used a Computer Associates language called Visual Objects (VO). I need to switch to VB.Net I understand objects, windows forms, ado, etc. I'm looking for some sound advice about designing a new app in VB.Net. For instance in VO many use...
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