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    mailmessage -problems with returns not working within body

    I am having a problem with the body of an email accepting returns. This code will launch the default mail application and populate fields automatically. If the body has returns in it, the body in the new mail screen (in outlook in my case) --- shows in one continuous line. The EmailBody field...
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    tooltip not working on a checkbox control with enabled = false

    I have a checkbox on a panel with enabled = false. I would like to have a hover tip available to the operator via a tooltip. The tooltips on all of the other controls on the panel work fine. But it does not work on checkboxes with enabled set to false. Is there another way around this problem?
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    refresh data grid causes error if oper scrolled to right and selected a cell

    I have a datagrid that is populated with data. If the operator scrolls off to the click on a field that is off to the right (not initially displayed on the grid) ---- then the operator does something that needs to repopulate that data with a different set of information --- an error is...
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    datagrid - no value at index ## error

    I have a form with a datagrid on it. If I 1) scroll to the right to a field that wasn't originally displayed on the grid 2) click on the header of that field to sort the datagrid 3) then scroll down to bottom area of the datagrid and selects a cell that is in the bottom righthand side of the...
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    access new mail in default mail client in

    I need to have my application open the client's default mail client (it may not be Outlook), and launch "new mail". The "to address", "subject" and attachment(s) will need to be passed to the new mail automatically. The user can then enter in the email body and click on send email...
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