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    Expression Parser

    Hello there, I did something like this for a software I made that used MS Agents. I needed to make the characters say things based on a script that would be given to it. So I wrote an expression parser. I guess mine wasn't very complicated, I just had a lot of Select Case statements :) for the...
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    Setup and Deployment

    Hi there, Why do you want to make it a part of the install? Instead why not do that when the software is run for the first time? Then you can keep the information in an .ini file or the registry. Doing that in the install is definitely possible, but I think it will be more difficult.
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    Image Manipulation

    I don't think this is as easy as manipulating the properties. I think you will need to do a pixelwise manipulation .. I am an old-timer (VB Programmer) we did it using API calls.
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    VB6 - VB.Net translation help required.

    Translation of Code Hello there, I saw the application. I think the code is easy enough to translate. The problem in my opinion lies with the declaration that you have made for the DLLs. Can you show me the declares that you have made for the DLLs in VB.Net? Maybe you can post a similar zip...
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