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    DevExpress GridControl (How do you get the datarow?)

    Hi, I have just found out about the DevExpress XtraGrid control, thanks to the wonderful review on this site. I have been playing now for a few hours and I have managed to fill the gird quite easy, but I cant get the datarow that I have selected. How do you get a datarow from a GridControl...
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    Thanking about doing MCTS then MCPD, is it worth it?

    What you you guys think to the MCTS and MCPD courses by Microsoft? Are they worth doing if I want to get out of the hardware section and into programming? I have been using .NET now for about two years as a hobby and would like to turn it into a career. Thoughts, comments, anything?
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    Making A Syntax Highlighter

    I am working on a program that will highlight words in a richtextbox a colour to show functions, commands, etc. The language of the files it opens are FPI file, this does not matter as long it is custom enough to allow me to define the words and colours. I found this, which works perfectly...
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    DataGridView Combo Box (Can it update others)?

    I have a datagridview that gets data from a dataset. You basically select a product from the drop down combo and then is should update the boxes next to it with price, etc. Can this be done? I can select a product but nothing happen in the boxes next to it.
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    OLEDB Access to CSV, Can the Deliminater be changed?

    Hi, I am accessing a CSV file via OLEDB and I am using the connection string below. ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & Path & "\;Extended Properties='text;HDR=No;FMT=Delimited\'" My question is can the deliminater be changed from comma to a semi-colon?
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    DataGridView (With Relational Data)

    Hi, If I create a form and add a datagridview object by dragging it from my datasource and having visualstudio create everything, if the database its coming from (mssqlexpress) has tables that are linked to each other it never saves the linked data from datagridview when i combine it with...
  7. D Review

    What do you all think of it? I am thinking on joining and want some user reviews. I want to learn and maybe Thanks
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    Replacing values in table with other vaules

    Hi, I have a dataset with two tables. One contains a list of products similar to model | name | description | price | c1 | c2 ------------------------------------------ x | y | z | 99.99 | 1 | 1 etc.. The other contains a list of categories like this. id | name...
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    RegEx on CSV missing data (Why)

    Hi, VB.NET newbie... I am using VB.Net 2005. I am using this expression to read from csv files, but I am finding that cells that have no data are being missed instead of a blank column being inserted. Dim re As Regex = New...
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    Printing (printpage /

    Ok, I am stuck now. I managed to do everything i need to print but my program seems to lockup when printing multiple pages. I started with this code. -= PrintDocument_PrintPage Section =- Dim g As Graphics = e.Graphics Dim message As String = Nothing For Each item As String In lstBox.Items...
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    How can I split a string without know the seperator?

    If i have a list of string like this; <1 space> <3 spaces> <2 spaces> <3 spaces> ETC. Note the space are actual spaces in the real thing, the number showing how many...
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    Webbrowser Component in VB.NET 2005 (Changing URL)

    I found this code for changing the url or a webbrowser created in VB.NET 2003. The problem is its not compatible with VB.NET 2005, atleast I cant seem to get it to work. AxWebBrowser1.Navigate("", nullObject, nullObjStr, nullObjStr, nullObjStr) Please could someone...
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    What does this warning mean? (Access of shared member..)

    Can someone explain this warning message to me please? "Access of shared member, constant member, enum member or nested type through an instance; qualifying expression will not be evaluated." It is caused by this bit of code. If OpenFileDialog.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK Then I am...
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    Help making a duplicate check for listbox.

    I have written this code which does work, meaning no erros, but i dont have the knowlege to work out where it does not remove duplicates from my list. Please can someone help me out? ' Check for Duplicates Dim itemsArray() AsString ' get number of items in list. Dim ItemCount AsInteger =...
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    How can I copy a list box ot another?

    Hi, Sorry for the newbie question. I am trying to learn the ins and outs of 2005. How do i copy the whole content from one list box to another? I manager to do it with one item, but I dont understand loops enough to work out how to do all items. any help welcome. Thank you
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    Directory view (How)

    How can I use the directory view dialog in a pocket pc 2003 application? I found the file dialog but not the directory dialog. So where do I find it? Thank you
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    TCP/IP Programming in VB.NET 2005

    Hello, Where can I find the best information to learn about TCP/IP and how to use it to make a simple server/client application? Thank you
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    DataGridView (Removing bar on left help)

    Hi, How do you remove the column that is automatically created on the left side of a datagridview box? I know I would use a listbox to create a list of items, but i want to add an icon to the entries. Unless anyone knows a way to put icons in listboxes. I am using VB.Net 2005 Thank you
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    Help access db causing error in form designer

    Hi, I don't fully understand yet and now I have come across this strange error. I have a form and i dragged the table from the data source panel to the form. Then when 2005 creates all the normal things, etc, errors come up on the bottom saying that cartbasedataset is not defined...
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    Suggest good 2005 resources please.

    Hi, Does anyone know any really good tutorials, books, site, etc for I am mainly interested in data handling, but being a newbie anything with good details would be more then welcome. I am looking to get deep and dirty with .net Please can you guys and gals suggest any? Thank you
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