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    To use or not use the data connection wizard?

    I'm totally new to VB. I'm creating a program that, when distributed, will connect to an SQL database. Each client who has the program will have their data in a differently named database. Doesn't this exclude the possibility of using the data connection wizard? Thank you - I'm trying to avoid...
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    How to locate a record (VFP background)

    I have a Visual Foxpro background, and am trying to figure out how, in a dataset, to locate a record matching some specification. In Foxpro, you could just locate for author = 'Jones' with author being the field name. What I'm working from is a single table dataset with an ODBC...
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    Data access via Access or SQL Server

    I'm just getting my feet wet with I'm developing a program that will be delivered to clients who may have their data residing either on SQL server (they also have the option of using either Windows or SQL authentication), or it may be in Access. Doesn't this situation make it...
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    How to connect using a udl?

    I need to connect to my database using a udl. I don't want to use the contents of the udl in my code - I just want to refer to the file. Something like: Private OledbConnectionString As String = "DataSourceName=C:\SidDev\CodeSource\VBnet\farms\Farms.udl" Is this possible? If so, is the...
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