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    how to debug a VB6.OCX in Visual Studio .NET 2010 !

    During the conversion task VB6->VS2010-C# I would like to continue using a running VB6.ocx control (which include a lot of GDI stuff). Adding a reference to the .ocx file is OK and it solution runs fine, but I need debbuging options --into the ocx source files (breaks + view locals). Is this...
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    Question Choose the right connection string

    I need more then 1 (MS-SQL) connection string/configuration, depending on the current running configuration (Development, Production, offline etc.) How could I declare these connection strings in advance (Proj. Settings) and tell the application which one to use without the need to compile the...
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    Cann't find WSDL.EXE

    I need to create a proxy from a wsdl file. I have VS2008 Installed, but cann't fint the wsdl.exe. Where is it located? Thanks
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    Save SQL data in xml and retrieve back

    What is the eayest and shortest way to save an SQL SELECT output in to a local XML file and retrieve it back as table rows by another program ? Thanks, adh
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    Question Deployment problem: Interop Usr ctl is not registerable

    I developed by VB2008, Vista, a running Introp2Control running fine in a VB6(sp6) project. I prepared/included a Setup/.msi project. After deploying it on a XP-sr03 machine, I am unable to register the control in the VB6 project, receiving "\InteropControlOC_002.tlb' was not registerable as an...
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    Question An error occurd during local report processing

    The Local Report (.rdlc) I designed, returns on some data ranges with this error How can I please find out which data elment (SQL 2005) is causing the problem? :(
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    Problem with modifying a DataSource

    I am using a DataSource based on an programm object (one of my classes). When changing the class definition (deleting or adding a field/property definition) I have problems to get the new/modified class/datasource to replace the old one. Meaning: the new class field declarations do not show up...
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    How to Switch connection strings

    In a VB2005 WinForms project.Settings I have declared 2 connection strings (1 for Development, 1 for Deployment/Run time). Question: Where in the solution can I _easily_ switch between them, (using an Application.CommandLineArg) so all the DataObjects and Binding objects will refer to the...
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    How to delete a Datasource from the Datasources list

    How to delete a Datasource from the Datasources list? Thanks, ADH
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    Report: Change Data in Header

    How do I please display parameter values (from date, to date) in a report (rdlc) report-header? or: How do I change param values programmaticaly? Thanks
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    Opening a web project

    I am trying to look at the VB101WEB smaples. How do I open them in the IDE? (no .sln file)
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    Progressbar on a background form

    During project loading I display a splash (welcome) form with a progress bar triggered by a timer (on this form). The loading of the project and data, is done Not by this form, but by a hidden main form which at the end unloads the splash form and shows itselve. The problem is that both the...
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