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  1. LerkHern

    Textbox Bound to Property of Business Object - String Set to Nothing

    I've got a property on a custom business object bound to a textbox. In my binding, I've set the nullValue = String.Empty When I type in the textbox, then erase the text in my textbox and try to leave... it tries to set the string property in my business object to "Nothing" This is a problem...
  2. LerkHern

    DataGrid GrandParent/Parent/Child in 1 Datagrid

    Is it possible to have a multi tier datagrid display the values from multiple tables in a collapsible view (like a treeview) also, I don't want them to be collapsed ever, just organized like the example below (and each grandparent/parent/child record should be able to have multiple columns...
  3. LerkHern

    Linking Tables in a DataSet

    I have a DataSet with two tables in it. I have an ID on each of the tables that links them together. One table represents the page header and footer and the other table represents the detail. I want to only show the records in the detail where the ID on the detail table matches the ID on the...
  4. LerkHern

    Reporting on DataSet in Crystal Reports

    I'm trying to report off of a DataSet I have created in code. There is no DataSet in the designer and I do not want to put a dataset in the designer. How do I reference my DataSet created in code in Crystal Reports and how do I lay out the fields on the report so they will be bound to my dataset...
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