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    Monitoring Script

    Hi! Can any one help me in sloving the following problem? I have an application in VB.NET that depends on the structure or layout of a webpage. Now I want to know whether the structure or layout or design of the webpage has been changed or not. To achieve this I want to write a monitoring...
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    Dynamically Login to a WebPage

    Hi! Can anyone help me in solving the following problems in VB.NET? 1. I have a VB.NET form. It contains a button. When I click the button, I want that it will open a webpage whose url is say "" and then search for some data within that page. --- But, the problem is that I have to...
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    Help with a problem with 2 forms!!!

    Hi Danny! You follow the steps as below.. 1. Form1 contains an AxBrowser control(named MyBrow) and a button(cmdGo) 2. Form2 contains a textbox(Txt1) and a button(Show) Form1.vb Private Sub cmdGo_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdGo.Click Dim FTP...
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    Help with a problem with 2 forms!!!

    Reply Hi! I think you should use the New Operator as below.. Dim main As New frmBrowser Thanks Tonmoy
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    Sub Main Problems

    Hi Andy!, It may be due to the fact that you have changed the name of your form using the form properties to something else without changing the name in the solution explorer. What I mean to say is that say,You have created a form with the name frmMain which is shown on the solution explorer...
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    Hi I want to make an application in VB.NET and I want this application to work as follows, There will be an array of items on which I want to perform a specific operation (MyTask), with the help of multiple threads. for example say the array is holding 12 items in it, and I want to...
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