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    Question Default Form Icon?

    Weird question, but, anyone have a copy of the actual .ico that gets added to forms if you don't add your own? The one that looks like this? I've Google'd, Resource Hacked, searched my pc's, everything, and for the life of me, can't just find the icon itself, lol.
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    Question Run a Relative Path in Windows?

    I'm attempting to run a destination relative path from within a VB.NET app. I've made sure to use backslashes (rather than forward slashes), and also running the Process with the working directory set to the correct source path; still getting a The system cannot find the file specified error...
  3. GeekDrop

    Question VS 2010 - No Source Available - when debugging

    Hey all, Been a long time since I've been able to dev in VB.NET again (rusty again too, lol) and I'm just now getting used to the 2010 IDE. When I'm debugging an app and hit the Pause button, I get the following error message: I've tried reinstalling DotNet 4 after reading a little on some...
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    Question Transferring Tasklist after VS upgrade?

    Hey all I just upgraded from vs2k8 to vs2k10 and after opening up one of my projects from 2k8 in 2k10, the previously filled tasklist data isn't there, just a blank tasklist. Anyone know how to transfer the tasklist data over? :confused: TIA
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    How many timers is too many?

    Just curious, is it a good coding practice to keep timers in a project to a minimum, or does it not really matter? I've always tried to use as few as possible, but wondering if I really even need to be too concerned with it?
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    Question How can I get the current URL from the location bar in Firefox?

    I'd like, in my program, to be able to capture the URL being shown in the location bar / URL bar. It's fine to just get the currently focused one if they have multiple tabs open, or just a list of all if multiple tabs are open. Does anyone know how to do this? :confused: Thanks!
  7. GeekDrop

    Options strict and late binding

    I have this declared up top. Public oldDocument As mshtml.IHTMLDocument And this function. Public Function GetFocusedElement() As mshtml.IHTMLElement Dim focusedElement As mshtml.IHTMLElement = Nothing If oldDocument.selection.type,mshtml. = "None" Then...
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    Question Having some random number problems

    I'm working on a random email generator for a client, and for some unknown reason, it's not very random at all. It very very frequently returns the same item. Can anyone point out the issue? I'll paste the entire module. All that is needed once the module is created is to call the...
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    Question Has anyone ever used BASS.NET?

    I'm having a heck of a time trying to get it to work. I have a thread going there, but the support there doesn't seem as good/helpful as it is here, and was hoping someone here had some experience with it to help me get this thing going. I'm running low on time to get it working and I get no...
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    Question How to make browser control open a link in a brand new window?

    I have a form with a webbrowser control on it, and I load up a local file in it with some code for a rotating banner (so I can support my app with advertising). The problem I'm having is, it is for example, a banner ad in the small banner sized control, when the user click's it, it loads the...
  11. GeekDrop

    Question Console.writeline question

    When all done coding an app, and ready for public consumption, should all console.writeline's be either deleted or commented out? Or just leave them as is because it doesn't matter? Also, when debugging, which is the best, most preferred method of viewing info? debug.print or console.writeline?
  12. GeekDrop

    Question Alter webbrowser src code before it's done loading?

    Let's say there's an img src=blah on a web page that I am loading with a webbrowser control, and I want to alter it to say img src=blahblah instead ... What I've been doing so far is waiting for the document to complete, doing a .replace, then saving the file to the hard drive, and finally...
  13. GeekDrop

    Question Moving items from one Listview to another Listview

    Hey all, Haven't been doing a thing in in almost a year now and I'm surprisingly rusty. I'm just trying to move the selected item in a listview to the next one when a user clicks a "Next" button, using the code below. But once it gets to this line: Me.lvFriendIDs.Items(strItem).Selected...
  14. GeekDrop

    Opinions on the best "rent a coder" type site?

    Hi all I am flat out of time to develop a program idea of mine from scratch, and want to look into paying another dev to write the basic part of it for me, it involves reading from a google gears sqlite database. Basically it just needs to read the DB and be able to sort by a few user...
  15. GeekDrop

    Question Transparent background over a picturebox

    I have a picturebox with a pic in it, and I have a label on top of the picture. I want the background of the the label to be transparent, so I set it's background prop to transparent and it's parent to the picturebox. I do this on form load, but for some reason the label entirely disappears...
  16. GeekDrop

    Question Webbrowser: Is there a way to detect when cursor is in a text box?

    Due to the nature of my app, I require the user to add their login and password to my app, and then I will autofill the matching fields on the web page for them. I would like to send the user a messagebox pointing this out to them if they click in then login or pass fields on the web page, so...
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    Question Help with Shortcut keys

    I am trying to add shortcut keys to my menu items. I add the shortcut to the shortcut key property of the item, and the shortcut will work when the menu item is expanded, however as soon as it is no longer expanded, the keys no longer work. Is the only way to make them work would be to set the...
  18. GeekDrop

    Question Webbrowser - strip out javascript?

    Hi all I have a little bit of a complicated(?) problem? I have a website that requires a login and pass, which sends to the next page, nothing unusual there; on the next page, there is some javascript that periodically sends a popup dialog, which the user must click. The timer code for that...
  19. GeekDrop

    Apple Webkit ?

    After playing around with Google's new Chrome browser, and seeing that it uses the Apple Webkit as it's renderer, I was thinking it might be cool to try and use it's browsing engine in my app rather than the IE one we get stuck with. It seems pretty speedy. Before I install all of the libraries...
  20. GeekDrop

    Question 2 Problems with ListView

    My 1st problem: I am encountering a problem with the listview, where it won't let me highlight it's FIRST row, or check/uncheck the checkbox in it via clicking. However, I can still access it's items via code. I have it set to Details view, with a checkbox, an icon and 1 subitem. Am I missing...
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