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    Question Assign Sequence NextVal to textbox

    Hi guys I am designing a simple windows form application using typed datasets. My requirement is to assign a sequential value from a database SEQUENCE to one of the textboxes available with the form while default navigator "Save" button is clicked. My Database level Sequence name is...
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    Question A beginner's concerns about Windows Forms & Security

    Hi guys I am a seasoned Oracle developer, forced to start developing Windows forms against MS SQL server as my firm is planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX suite. I know bit of how to use the Vistual Studio IDE and how to hook up the tables using textboxes and by using DataSets My...
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    Question Console application switch values

    Hi guys I am trying to make a simple console application for deleting files which are N days old and the console application should take three switches like following: deleteoldfiles -dFolder C:\myfolder -fType *.dmp -nDays 3 The below module does it, however I am not sure whether the logic...
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    Accessing network folder using windows service

    Hi guys we are developing a small utility for synchronizing a network folder where, as domain admins we have the full privileges, with a local folder in another computer. We had written a service to do this job and found that when the service starts the error returned is "Access denied". This...
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    Question Table based "forms"

    Hello guys, I am more familiar with oracle developer and recently started with (VS 2008). Would appreciate if somebody could provide me some information regarding the following: I have an Oracle table consist of around 39 columns and want to create a data entry form against it using...
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